Sleep Problems - How Do We Get More Sleep?

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Hi everybody.
I know that a lot of people with PTSD have sleep problems. For me, those problems are really severe. Actually, I can not sleep normally for years. If I gat 5 hours a night, it is a good night. THe doctors keep prescribing pills, but pills make me so groggy next morning, that I can not work or function.
Honestly, I'm just so TIRED of that, I can't even find words. I only had a short releive during my two-week vacation far away from here (very safe environment, 10-feet fence around the house, a guard dog and a gun inside)/ But after coming back... I only spept about 3 hours the night before last, and ever less last night!
Does anyone have these problems and some advises to share?:dont-know
P.S. Please, excuse my possible mistakes. English is my second language :)
Hi Linda. Yes I have problems sleeping as well. Some nights I'm lucky if I get 4 hours. Its due to the Flash backs that I suffer from my Combat Stress.
Some one told me that a good way to get a good nights sleep is for someone to give you a relaxing massage that relaxes the brain and the body as well.
Try that
Hey Linda,
Have you tried Ambien? That's the only med that wont leave me feeling groggy when I wake up.
That's a nice advise! But what can I do if my 200 lb man falls asleep as soon as his big head hits the pillow? :wink:
linda--take his pillow.
just teasing. i struggled with this for almost 2 yrs, and i tried everything, no meds seemed to work without making me groggy the next day too. i finally started sleeping 3 or 4 hrs a night, most nights, and it has gradually grown to about 6, 8 or even 9 when i can sleep in. hang in there. i actually found something that helped me without knocking me out completely. i take half of a unisom every other night to make sure i get some sleep. hopefully i won't even need that.
try a warm bath at bedtime, epsom salts are supposed to help calm. get some chamomile tea, stay away from caffeine, don't eat late, try going to bed anad rising at the same time every day. don't exercise late, and last, but not least--don't knock it til you try it--get a big, soft, fluffy teddy bear to hold if your 200 lb one won't cooperate.
Spaseeba Linda, Get him to do it just before bedtime, and use oils like camomile and lavender. And get a few incense sticks as well as they will help to create a calm atmosphere. And if your man falls asleep, throw a bucket of cold water over him, that should do the trick.
I heard Ambien works really well. I used to take Lunesta; it works, but that aftertaste is awful, and it stays with you all day.

I have problems staying asleep. Once I wake up, that's it. Rarely do I fall back asleep until much later.
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