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Sleeping half the day after opening up

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I've been opening up more to my T about everything. My last session was the other day. Today I slept halfway through the day. It could be because I'm so worn out by everything. My PTSD symptoms are getting better. This is something I'm noticing the more I open up about what happened to me with my ex-boyfriend. Before it seemed like every little thing triggered me, even when I tried to get into a new relationship. So I know I'm not ready for a new one yet. I normally don't sleep like this but today I slept throughout the entire day. After sleeping, I don't feel grouchy or moody. Maybe it's what I needed. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, it's just something I noticed.
Sometimes - it feels good just to get it out. It can be therapy hangover too.

It's amazing to me at times how much dealing with that stuff takes it out of you too.

I usually have the opposite reaction but - everyone is different....
i love @Friday 's moniker of "therapy hangover." it fits my own experience.

by whatever name, it's normal-for-me to be extra tired after allowing myself to show my emotional vulnerabilities. i theorate that sleep is the best processing tool ever designed and the extra sleep is deep processing. just a theory. based on that theory, i go with the flow and let myself sleep as long as i am sleepy.

excuse me folks. i have important processing to do.
Thank you for responding to my thread. I was so confused as to why I was sleeping so much. My parents, we're worried and that it was depressing but I felt so worn out from talking about everything that has happened to me. I can tell I'm improving though and this makes me feel hopeful.
Yes absolutely. It took way longer than was necessary for me to realise I can’t plan anything for the same day as therapy. Therapy is hard work. I would be so foggy after therapy I actually really appreciated lockdown zoom/phone consultations it makes getting home a lot easier haha. But yes the exhaustion was next level. Like 12hr shift + party animal neighbours tired. I’m glad you’re seeing the improvement from therapy. Keep at it it gets…maybe not easier but you learn ways to cope and our bodies have this way of forcing rest upon us that isn’t always appreciated at the time but is absolutely necessary. Rest isn’t earned it’s a basic biological function.
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