Sleepy - Does Anybody Sleep Without Nightmares?

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Is anybody out here this hour? Cant really sleep. Does anybody else have really bad nightmares all of the time...every time? :sleep: is what I want.
You are not alone!

You most definately are not alone. Most of us have those issues. I have reacuring nightmares. Every night I see the faces of the people I had to kill. You most definately are not alone. :sleep: does not come easy to most people with PTSD. Intrusive thoughts during the day are not uncommon either. Sights, smells, and sounds are a few of the things that can "trigger." We are here for each other. Some one is almost always on, 24/7.:wink:
Anon, let me just say... once you heal, you'll have no more issues with nightmares or sleep. I know this, because I live it now.
You are not alone!! We are all here to help!!
Please feel free to send me a Private Message if you need to talk!! This forum is very helpful, and everyone here is very supportive. Post when you need feedback, or when you just need to vent; and the info on this site is very valuable!! Hang in there!!
hi anonymous..........I use to but I don't anymore. Still have bad nightmares, just less often and never nearly as intense. That's not to say there not terrible when I do have one, but not to that same degree, as before. And, I'm trusting that they will and can entirely go away. My sleep has improved greatly, my god, I remember suffering every single night, alone and with no sleep, no one to talk to and my mind overwhelmed and scared shitless. This can and does all get better.
I don't have as many as I used to. They used to be nightly or more than one nightly. The only way NOT to have a nightmare was to not sleep..although being awake during that time can be just as bad.. I only have about one nightmare a month now. Once in a while, I'll have more, but it's usually triggered by a memory. When I first came to this forum, back in June, I stated that nightmares were normal for me. It's not normal. It's something that will drastically improve once the trauma is dealt with. Can you imagine, anon, just craving your bed and the only thought in your mind while dozing off is that your pillow smells good? You'll get there.
Nam, I am not as restful as you... Still need my tapes and white noise going, I cannot sleep in total silence. But you really described what it is like getting there. Nightmares fade and come and go depending on curent issues. Except my pillow does not smell good... the dog that have the doggie smell lay on mine. I have to say she has a skin condition so I can't fault her!
anon, i am fortunate not to have nightmares (or dreams) much. i do not sleep, though, maybe that's why i don't have them. it will get better, try to relax some, i drove myself crazy worrying about what everybody thought. actually, most people could care less, and the ones that do care, still care no matter how crazy you feel. the more shakey and hyped up you get, the less you'll sleep.
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