Small things, great victories. What’s yours?


So, as we all know, even the smallest tasks can be insurmountable challenges at times. And those days? We get to be heroes just tackling a thing normies would consider minor.

Right now, I’m celebrating dragging myself to the gym. Or, the gym cafe to be precise. But I’m feeling hopeful I’ll make it to the actual gym in a minute.

It took three hrs of breathing exercises, thought stopping, grounding and fighting intrusive thoughts & SH impulses. Plus gigantic amounts of mental energy to be able to focus on packing all the necessary gear.

But here I am.

What’s your small task - great victory of the day?
Overall just getting better started naltrexone for my CPTSD symptoms. I am much more regulated as indicated by my ability to get phone calls, bills, and other responsibilities done. Got a house!!!! moving today as soon as my head cleared and I got after it... got an interview and I got a place been unable and unsuccessful since April.
On Aug 26 I had a blackout my first with cptsd clawing my way back
I sat through a horribly uncomfortable meeting at work today which felt personal and unfair ... AND I didn't dissociate or have a panic attack. But I did let myself feel angry and I let it out in a safe and trusted place and the world didn't end. It was a tricky but good day. I practiced some 'skills'!
My victory is I'm not letting anything tip me overboard. I played my favorite song over and over again while I brushed my hair after laying in bed all day because I was extremely stressed yesterday I had a flashback but not from a trigger just from stress. I'm back in bed but I brushed my hair. My teeth. Even put a tiny bit of makeup on. I'm smiling in bed.