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smoking cannabis oil ....is this okay for ptsd ?

I haven’t used it (personally pretty against it but that’s besides the point). But if you search, not too far back is a post about cannabis giving the user some body memories/flashbacks. Those can be extremely disturbing and scary and I’ve also heard reports of it increasing feelings of paranoia. All this just to say, please be careful when self medicating with anything.
You’d probably find this article pretty interesting
The pros and cons of using cannabis for ptsd

As far as being “okay for PTSD”? Eh. There’s no medication specifically for PTSD (like there are for many other disorders & conditions, some of which can be used to mod individual PTSD symptoms downwards, or to help manage comorbid conditions that are making PTSD worse, like depression). A lot of things can help manage symptoms - Meds/drugs/alcohol (mood and mind altering substances both legal and illegal), sex, gambling, fighting, adrenaline junkie / thrill seeking, workaholism... list of coping mechanisms (both healthy and unhealthy) goes on. But all of these things, and others, have side effects / consequences. So it very much depends on which consequences one is willing to bring into their life, and the extent they’re willing to tolerate them, IMO. <<< But NONE of those things actually treat PTSD. They may very well make one’s life better (or worse), but the disorder and all of its symptoms will still be there... until a person actually goes through and sorts the root cause.
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If I were you I'd look into breathing techniques and body work and sports more ;)

All of which can help with shaking, breathing issues even with other chronic conditions present, and feeling out of control in many ways... way healthier than drugs do.

And what the above posters said.

We also had posters way back who, even though not doing cannabinoids but stimulants, basically threw themselves to a cycle of psychosis and on / off clean, where any progress with PTSD became impossible... Don't go that route.

Just because any healing may take several years doesn't mean it's not worth trying, and sticking to healthier cope.
i have been self medicating for some time now and it helps me quite a bit with tremors and shaking or out of control breathing. curious if weed helps anyone else and if so what worked about it ??? very curious thank you
I was very wary. I tried this stuff in high school and it made me SO depressed the next day that I stopped after my 3rd try. Got plenty of secondhand highs later on.... but it wasn't my thing. But just a couple years ago, after it became legal to use as medicine in my state, my family encouraged me to see a doctor about this. I'm so glad they did! They understood it's not the same old-school garbage. (I did have ONE type of tincture give me that depression, so I know I'm not imagining it from back in the day - but just one of many forms of the medication.)

So recently, I began to use it carefully for pain and it makes it a lot easier for me to accomplish things during the day, including having some mental energy left over to work on therapy PTSD-or otherwise, or to enjoy something like a good book, instead of spending 24/7 in physical misery. Now I can do things like sit through an entire movie.* Treatment of my other ailments makes the PTSD more bearable. I have better therapy sessions because I am more well-rested, etc.

*Coronavirus has put a damper on that; my area is still closed down, but I definitely follow more involved movies from home now, instead of just The Office over and over - which is an okay coping mechanism, but instead, I experimented with edibles to calm my mind, to be able to sit still and read more complicated books for more than a few minutes at a time. And actually think about the books as I read, and I remember them! Medical cannabis has helped me with pain relief PLUS focus during times of great stress.

YMMV. I have a lot of illnesses and relief of chronic pain is a powerful thing! I was careful too because of PTSD / fear of depression or some kind of bad reaction. But nope. I approached cautiously and experienced enough relief to counter negatives. The biggest negative is when I take a bit too much to sleep but that happens maybe once every few months - big deal. It's worth it; I handle it best as I can. But it improves my qualify of life drastically, and I don't get a psychoactive reaction at all. Just pain relief and muscle relaxing.

But, well you say you're self medicating and I'd avoid that. Always know how to use it as medication, with a doctor and a pharmacy or dispensary, and social support from those who know more about THC CBD CBG and all of that good stuff. Microdosing might be an option if you get cloudy from smoking. I'd definitely do it with a physician with real knowledge of the field (not just a "budtender" :D) I'd also look into edibles or sublingual things like lozenges.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows if anyone wants to know more about this. But I think it's a shame to automatically shoot down any one treatment idea without some research.
I’ve used it for years with success to help ease the feelings of anxiety and relax.
One thing about the paranoia episodes some people experience, as I use to occasionally, when consuming the cannabis medicine...it tends to lower blood pressure, which in turn raises the heart rate and strength of the hearts output. Same physical reactions of a panic attack. Marijuana actually helped me disconnect the increased heart rate with panic/anxiety attacks because I could see it’s just a physical response, and not something to worry about. Make sense?
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