So F**king frustrating! - Why is it so hard to understand that you don't mess with what works just because you are new?


So back in March my P-doc informed me that that would be our last session as he was leaving the organization at the end of the month. I don't blame him for leaving as all I have heard from the large practice he was part of was that they were struggling to re-assign his nine hundred yes 900 patients and that we needed to be patient especially with COVID.

I was patient. I tried diligently to find a way to follow him to his new position but he is only working inpatient at a local behavioral health hospital that is not the one associated with the previous large practice. So I waited and waited. Finally in mid-August I received a call that they had finally reassigned me. Despite every note in my file being very clear that I do not work with women practitioners nor do I work with PA's or NP's they assigned me a straight out of school female NP. But after 6 months of not seeing anyone (no blood work since January which is normally done every 2-3 months) and not being able to find another P-doc within 100 miles that was accepting new patients I once again waited patiently for my first appointment with the new practitioner which was during my lunch break today. Of course we spent the entire hour long evaluation reviewing everything that was already in my chart because well, apparently she can't read or just "wants to be thorough" and we get to the end and she tells me that she is not comfortable prescribing one of my medications that I have been on for nearly 10 years while I am taking two of my other meds one I have been on for over 20 years the other I have been on as long as the med she doesn't want to prescribe. I just want to scream. Her response to my asking why we can't just leave things alone is she is not comfortable but that she will pass my chart on to the actual psychiatrist that she works with to see if they have any suggestions.

Why is it so hard to understand that you don't mess with what works just because you are new? And I don't mean any disrespect to individuals that are PA's or NP's I just have learned in my half century on this planet that with my abundance of health issues that are not related to my mental health but that have significant impact on my mental health that someone that has taken the time to go through internships, residency and fellowships are more educated, understand the complexities of my many issues and don't just default to platitudes and generic statements when they don't have a single clue what to do with me.

Sorry, I really needed to vent because now I am going to spend the next 8 weeks with less than 4 hours of sleep a night because she isn't comfortable! I hate her already.


Very you have a general practitioner that you could see and explain this to them and see if they will fill the gap while you work it out with the other group? That is what I would probably do. That is really frustrating...


So after typing up several less than nice email messages to the PA and to the practice I decided that sending something when I was so upset was counter productive. Instead, I took stock of my situation. I have been unable to find an alternative P-doc provider over the past 6 months that was willing to only do medication management. I am happy with my current T and not willing to make a change just to get medication management. So, I reached out to my P-doc from when I lived across the state. He does have Saturday appointments is accepting new/returning patients and since I have regular appointments in that area every 4-8 weeks I am going to return to his care. Once that is established I will submit to the practice my reasons for transferring my care which also includes the fact that in two years and involvement with three practitioners all located at different office locations only one has treated me with respect, compassion, understanding and basic common decency.