So frustrating


I know that complaining about the US healthcare system is sort of the standard these days but I am so tired of dealing with my current insurance company I am tired of beating my head against the wall. Between an incompetent pharmacy (part of a major chain) that messes up prescriptions, tells me things aren't in stock when in fact they are waiting on a prior authorization to fill my prescription or cancelling a prescription because they don't want to fill it, to doctors that take two weeks to call in refills on maintenance meds that I can only request refills on 5 days before I run out so of course I run out to now I have been told that my insurance company won't authorize my ADHD meds because I am too old for it. Seriously, according to my insurance company if I am over the age of 26 I am too old to have ADHD and therefore don't need my medication. Gee, I wish someone would have told me that 25 years or so ago, I could have just given up and quit work and stopped trying to function and hold down a job. Why should I trust my doctors or psychiatrist to possibly know what the hell they are talking about let alone diagnosing, surely my insurance company knows better having never seen me before in my life I am just a computer file with a birthdate that says I am too old.


Insurance companies REALLY need to get the EFF out of the way. They have NO BISNESS getting between a doctor, patient, and pharmacy. Unless someone has an MD behind their name and actually SEES YOU on the regular, they have no business dictating care. Chaps my cheeks!! Sorry you're dealing with this. The American health insurance system is one of my biggest gripes. I've even thought about moving to a different country as a medical refugee, but I'm not gonna fly anywhere else.