So Messed Up. My Job Defines Me, And I Hate My Job.

My job defines me. And BTW, I HATE my job. For the numerous reasons my employer has wronged me- despite my efforts to (and evidence to prove that I'm doing well,) succeed- I can't move forward. I feel perpetually 'stuck' in a frame of uselessness-or helplessness- despite my accomplishments. How do you move past allowing others' misperceptions to define you??? Like I said, i feel SO. MESSED. UP. Cognitive Distortion? Allowing my past to define me? Or others to? THIS. SUCKS

The Albatross

Curious that you say your job defines you. That is largely perceptual. I would recommend you reexploring what a "job" actually is. In my case it was a way to pay bills and keep a roof over my head. "I" was not my job... ever. My job was a means to keep my independence and use my time towards actualizing other thing that I wanted/needed/desired. Just giving you the flip side.


Sometimes it's just good to move on, to change jobs, fresh starts. You can't control what someone thinks of you or anything. we can't change people unless they are wearing a diaper! =D true tho. The best time to find a job is while you have one. Use a co worker as your referance and don't bring up bad stuff w current job or any past ones or it may be used against you. focus on accomplishments in interview and resume. Take magnesium to calm you, it is awesome! You are not messed up, at least not more than any of us. We are all A Glorious Mess! =) Do your best, and leave the rest... Change is hard but good and growing. =)