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Social Security and PTSD

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I'm not sure if anyone has this situation also. I'm on SSDI for PTSD. I have been on it since 2009. Now they want to drop me. It's not like PTSD goes away. Anyone have this issue?
Did they tell you why they want to drop you? Are you working and making too much? Or do they think you have improved and no longer need it?
Ouch. I don’t know how you’d even start to fight that given that they won’t even tell you why. Are you aware that you’ve broken any of the rules?
Not that I know. I also have several Traumatic brain injuries, that and I'm a childhood ALL leukemia survivor from the 70s. Makes no sense to me. Just very frustrating.
Are they saying they will drop you, or are they telling you that you have to reapply?
Either way - I'd suggest calling them because that sounds odd enough that it might be the wrong letter to the wrong person
This all started back at the beginning of COVID. At one point my benefits were off for 3 months for no reason. I found out later on. So they don't need a reason as far as I've seen.
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