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Social services horror story

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Boudicca1969, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Boudicca1969

    Boudicca1969 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Well I don't really know where to begin. Both my now grown kids were taken into foster care at a very young age and basically the social workers brainwashed and alienated them both against me and my ex partner and got them both hating and blaming us for what other people did to abuse them, for their ex in the so called care system, how their lives turned out as a result of going through care and the many psychological issues they both have as a result of going through care. Neither of my grown kids remain in contact with me or my ex and as it stands I don't have much hope of that changing any time soon. It absolutely traumatised me losing my kids like that and I have never got over it and I don't think I ever will. If I had the money I would sue social services for ruining my lives my kids lives and all the relationships between us. But that would never bring my kids back or compensate for all the missed milestones or memories we could have would have should have had if not for social services and their incompetence negligence and downright dishonesty and all the times THEY broke the law regarding my kids. I'm still so sad and angry about all this more for my kids than myself. And I have no redress no means of righting the wrongs no way of balancing the scales of justice. I am literally impotent with rage at what social services have done and the fact they are going to get away with their mistakes but parents like me don't. I'm paying the price, serving the sentence for not only my own mistakes regarding my kids but social services mistakes too. I wish I had the money to take them to task in court but being disabled with C-PTSD and relying on sickness benefits to get by I'm screwed. I can't get legal aid you see to me launch action against them only if I defend myself. And I can't talk about it in the media or the press or I would find myself in contempt of court and could get jailed for it. There's a bloody good reason the family courts are closed in the UK. The social services say it's to protect the anonymity of the kids but that's total bollocks. It's really done to cover up the social workers f*ck ups and to save their own sorry arses and sod the poor kids and birth parents. It's an absolute bloody disgrace and really shouldn't be happening in the 21st century for God's sake.

    Can anyone relate? Has anyone else on the here been through similar? This all happened for me and my family starting 20 years ago and I would like to think or hope things have improved for kids and parents in that time but I know it hasn't. The system is antiquated and out dated not to mention over stretched under staffed lacks resources and money and everyone involved suffers one way or another. I know they serve a purpose especially for kids who really are in danger and at the risk of significant harm but all too often they act in arbitrary and draconian ways that does more harm to the kids once they are in the system than if they had been left with their families with support respite and a few extra quid in the first place. There's apparently plenty of money for cure but none for prevention. It's totally arse about face and it makes no serious how the social services go about things.

    Comments support and constructive feedback and positive suggestions welcome.


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  3. Suzetig

    Suzetig Still the Staff Kitteh... Moderator Sponsor $100+

    I think the systems to protect children are challenging for everyone involved and children in care tend to have pretty poor outcomes in general both because of the reasons they've been removed from their parents and then due to being in the care system.

    I don't know your situation but I do know how hard it is for the state to intervene in family life and how incredibly difficult it is to remove children from birth parents which makes me think there would be reason for the children to be removed. I know you won't find that supportive but it's true - children don't get removed from homes that are meeting their needs for care and protection because it's too bloody difficult to remove those who need to be, much less those who don't.

    Given your c-PTSD I'm guessing your own childhood was challenging and it's wholly possible that what you offered your own children was much, much better than you had but still not good enough. I'm sorry this is hurting you - I can't imagine the pain of losing your children. Do you have real life support?
  4. bento

    bento Active Member

    I am so sorry to hear about what you went through. I'm in the US, but there are similarities here. I was in severe DV
    situation, and the case workers I reached out to seemed titillated by the drama of my abusive husband, rather than
    motivated by concern. In fact, after a year of seeking help to no avail, it seemed to me that their main purpose was to
    encourage me to regard my situation as hopeless, diagnose our children with the worst label possible, thus turning them
    into little cash cows for the schools (children with certified diagnosis receive quite a lot of funding from the state) Therapists
    and social workers for the schools become part of the "team" and everybody cashes in.

    I chose to keep our kids out of the system and outside: camping, hiking, doing extracurricular activities, being around animals,
    while their father enjoyed vacations and affairs. It was a horrible "solution" but had I tried to leave he would have sued for
    custody and either won (because of my PTSD) or at least gotten 50 percent time. He was so disturbed that even being
    alone with him for a few hours left them traumatized. So I endeavored to keep them apart any way possible. My "solution"
    worked, sort of, they worked through their problems, became athletes and straight A students, but emotionally experienced
    a lot of pain and grief. I was finally able to get away when they were older, and the cost to my own well being was tremendous.

    The ONLY way I was able to do any of this was because we had enough money to afford all the camps, extracurriculars, horse
    back riding, sports equipment etc. The ONLY way was because I was lucky enough to have some money to direct towards our
    kids. Had I not been so fortunate, I would have been forced into using social services, and our outcome would have looked
    very different. The women in social services I encountered seemed very pathological to me, almost seemed like they had a real
    power trip labelling people and shuttling them off towards lives of dependency and pathology. Btw, I met a few of their own
    kids and they were very screwed up which made me wonder.

    Do not believe that you deserve any of this, even if you were suffering from C-PTSD to the extent that you were unable to
    care for your children for some time. The social service people should always be trying to reunite people with their children
    if possible. To engage in alienation of children from caring parents should be made a criminal act imho. Please consider
    finding support with other alienated parents. There are unfortunately many parents who have had their relationships severed
    one way or another. It has to be one of the most painful things anyone can experience. Best of luck to you.
  5. Boudicca1969

    Boudicca1969 Policy Enforcement Banned

    @Suzetig well I don't know where you live in the UK but here in not so sunny Hertfordshire the social services are among the worst in the whole country and are known for ripping families apart and removing kids from their loving caring families on the basis on mere suspicion of abuse or neglect and they only have to prove that the kids would be at risk of significant harm for them to act. They really don't like parents like me who have the sheer audacity and cheek to complain about them talking to parents like they are a bit of shit on the bottom of the social worker's shoe or who challenge them about their bandy decisions or actions based on fear rather than fact.

    A lot of these social workers have severe psychological issues of their own due to their own life experiences together with suffering burn out and stress due to their heavy over stretched case loads. This leads them to make poor interpretations of the family's situation and therefore poor decisions regarding the kids safety and welfare. These social workers are also not adverse to telling lies in court about the parents or what the parents have allegedly done to the kids or what the parents have allegedly allowed to happen to the kids. They are also prone to taking what the parents tell them about themselves truthfully then twisting it round and distorting it to make the parents look bad unstable and unfit for the job of parenting their kids. These social workers also lead the kids into making false allegations of abuse against their parents by suggestive questioning. Which we proved in court regarding my eldest son.

    They also believed my mum and brothers were innocent of abusing me as a child in order to save themselves money in respite foster care fees once my son had gone into care which my mum could have prevented but she chose not to help me or her grandson until after the fact and even then she only helped her grandson in order to discredit me to social services not out of any altruistic intention to help either of us. In doing so social services endangered my son because my mum abused him when she was 'looking after' him for social services and she wanted recompense from them for her expenses in 'looking after' him as well. Social services even considered my eldest brother to adopt my son even though I had repeatedly told them about his abuse of me along with my mum and other brother. Only after my eldest brother refused to be interviewed about the family background and his own childhood experiences as part of the adoption process did the penny drop with social services that I had been telling them the truth about his and the others abuse of me growing up all along. By which time the damage was well and truly done to my little boy.

    Yes there were issues which lead to my son being removed. I hit him once as did my partner his step dad. Which we admitted to straight away in the hope we would get help and support from social services so we wouldn't feel so stressed we would do it again. My son went on the at risk register as did his little sister after I admitted to hitting him then 6 months later when my ex partner did it too all hell broke loose and they branded my ex partner a child abuser and said he couldn't live in the family home with my son. At which point I begged my mum to help not realising at the time the danger she presented to my son. She refused and the social worker said if I didn't voluntarily put my son into care they would take both my kids off me. They came up with this cock and bull theory that because my ex partner wasn't my sons natural father he was jealous and resentful of my son and that's why he hit him. Nothing could have been further from the truth. And they didn't want to know the truth because it didn't suit their agenda. Which is to have complete control over the kids and parents involved with them and also to punish the parents for not conforming or agreeing with their stupid rules and policies.

    So I very reluctantly let my son go and the rest as they say is history. My son was also further abused in foster care by older foster children and carers alike and in the end no foster carer would take him because of his bad behaviour. Social services also illegally prevented contact between him me my ex partner and his baby sister for a whole year. He had no less than 26 different placements in the first two years of being in care. Between me and my now deceased father we managed to get him home Christmas 2000 he was 6 and a half by then and extremely disturbed and downright dangerous to his little sister who was just 3 and a half herself by then. Sadly I caught him abusing his sister and I knew I couldn't control him or keep my little girl safe from him. So social services took him back into care and put him in a kids home for the next 5 years with no therapeutic input although they had promised before putting him there that he would get the he he needed there.
    He got abused there by an older girl and a support worker. After a year there he ran away. I threatened to pull him out of the kids home so social services started care proceedings. We were all thoroughly assessed by a forensic psychologist and a child and adolescent psychiatrist and the guardian ad litem who all agreed that me and my ex partner had not abused my son since us both hitting him were both one off incidents which happened because of the extreme stress we were both under at the time they occurred. Nothing was done about my mum the other kids the foster carers or the support worker in the kids home abusing him though and to this day I don't understand why. Anyway the judge severely criticised social services failings regards my son and ordered them to rehabilitate my son home to us and for him to get proper help for his issues and to support us as a family. However the judge did award social services a full Care Order because of lack of family support and because of my mental health problems which I didn't know at the time were C-PTSD however I was wrongly labelled as BPD by the forensic psychologist and 15 years ago it was a trendy label to put on someone like me who didn't fit the box social services were trying to put me in because I was so argumentative and challenging of them. I later found out that this forensic psychologist was getting illegal backhanders ie monetary incentives from social services to get them the result they wanted ie brand me an unfit parent so they could keep my son in care.

    Anyway they did tea visits home with my son twice in two months then pulled the plug and stopped them saying that it wasn't in my son's best interests to continue because after visits he was misbehaving in the kids home and at school and they took this as a sign that it was because he was distressed at coming home because they were still saying it was because we had abused him even though all the experts in the care proceedings had said we hadn't and despite what the judge had ordered. In other words once they had their piece of paper from the court social services believed and did what the hell they liked whether we agreed with it or not. We were so angry and upset we went to our solicitor only to be told there was nothing we could do without it costing a lot of money which we didn't have as we had exhausted all our monetary resources by then. In other words we and most importantly my poor son was screwed.

    When my son was 12 he was caught molesting a younger kid in the kids home or so we were told and tried in a youth court for it and sent to a young offenders institute for juvenile sex offenders who had been sexually abused themselves. He was there for six years then booted out into the real world at the age of 18 with next to no support or help which social services had a duty to provide. They stuck him in a flat gave him a grant to furnish it and that was the end of their involvement although under the terms of the Care Order which had never been revoked they had a duty of care until he was 21. He got himself a part time job in a supermarket and started two different college courses which he never completed. He left the supermarket job on leaving college and went to work in restaurants and pubs until a year ago now aged 22 when my son decided he wanted to make a go of his musical talent (he's an accomplished guitarist) but by then he had also discovered booze and drugs. And girls. So he stopped working and he wouldn't even sign on for benefits.

    Anyway over the past 7 years since he was 16 (he's now 23) my son hasn't been treating me very well. Aged 16 my son cut off from me for a whole year because he judged condemned and rejected me over a minor brush with the law I had concerning my youngest kids abuser. It took two grovelling apologetic letters from me before he came round and wanted to see and speak to me again. Things went along OK for a while then he started ignoring my communication with him with no explanation or apology as to why he was doing that to me. I would understandably get angry and upset with him because I didn't and still don't know why he was doing that to me. My son would then get angry back for me being angry with him over his crappy behaviour towards me and would then continue to ignore me until I said the 'right words' in apologising to him for getting angry with his ignorance of me. Things would go along OK for a few months then the whole cycle would repeat again. He would start ignoring me again then I'd get angry again.... lather rinse repeat ad infinitum until 10 months ago when I finally recognised it for what it was ie mental and emotional abuse.

    I couldn't understand why he would do that to me when I had fought tooth and nail to stay in his life after he went into care aged 4 and a half and to do everything I could to help and support him all that time even after he supposedly committed sexual offences and got banged up for it. Well it turns out that when he cut off from me aged 16 he sought his first abuser my mum his grandmother out because she had money and I had none as simple as that. He hadn't seen her since he was 9 years old when she walked away from him because she didn't like the social workers scrutiny or questions or being supervised on contact with him. He lied as did she to social services and said she hadn't abused him so they could see each other unsupervised and since he was now 16 there was nothing social services could do to stop it. He bought into my mums alternative false reality and agreed with everything she said in order to get money out of her. And it was her who turned my son against me and put the final nail in the coffin of the relationship between us after the damage social services had done to it themselves. My mum finished what she started when she first abused my son as a small boy. That's why she abused him in the first place in order to hurt and punish me because I had exposed the truth about her and my brothers to social services from the moment I first found myself involved with them 20 years ago. Aside from the fact my mum is a female paedophile and would have abused him anyway because of her sick urges, her abuse of her own grandson served a dual purpose.

    So now after confronting my son with his abuse of me and realising the reason why he did it, we haven't seen or spoken to each other since May this year after he told me that I was the worst mother I could ever possibly have been and that apparently I had gone too far in the things I'd said to him challenging him about the way he's been treating me all those 7 years and that I deserved everything he did to me and that he and his grandmother his uncles and his girlfriend are all laughing at me because apparently I'm so stupid and I've been kept in the dark for years.

    So please tell me after reading the whole story @Suzetig who is REALLY to blame for all this with my son and do you still think he really should have been taken from me? Because I'm wondering why you seem so biased in favour of the social services. Do you or someone you know work for them? Have you ever had any involvement with them yourself or has anyone you know had involvement? Do you have any idea of how they operate? Do you now understand how they stitch parents like me up shaft us up the arse and leave us high and dry with nothing or nobody in our lives because what they do is legalised child snatching and institutional abuse? I'm going to leave it there for tonight as I'm now knackered out from writing all that out for you so you can get the big picture of what these bastards allow to happen and actually do to the poor kids in their so called 'care' and their poor heart broken MIND broken SOUL broken parents. And I haven't even told you about what they have also done to my youngest kid which is every bit as appalling as what happened to my eldest at their hands.

    I will reply to other people's replies tomorrow but thanks to everyone who took the time to do so. Thanks.
  6. Boudicca1969

    Boudicca1969 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Thank you @DandelionWishes you're the only person to have acknowledged what I wrote a few days ago although loads of people have read it. I know I've had a moan about this happening before now so I will shut up now. But everything I wrote about this awful nightmare with my eldest son is factually true and correct. I'm no longer in psychosis but could anyone really blame me for be that way after the horrendous way my kids were stolen from me and f*cked up beyond all human measure by a system that's supposed to care for them and protect them when the parents are unable to do so through often times no fault of their own? All we needed was some help and support and this tragedy happened to us all instead. Heartbroken doesn't even beg to describe how I feel :'(
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  7. Boudicca1969

    Boudicca1969 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Sorry @bento I didn't mean to disregard your reply to my original post but my head has been in a bit of a mess these last couple of days. Thanks for your understanding and support. You do really seem to get what these poxy social workers are all really about. I'm glad it all worked out for you. Yes you're spot on it's the money that makes all the difference. In fact I was told that very same thing years ago when my eldest kid first went into care by one of the few decent social workers I have known. She said if I was living in a 5 bedroom house in an affluent area and if my husband was earning a 6 figure salary and if I could pay for a nanny or a private therapist or holidays abroad 3 times a year then we wouldn't have even been having that conversation and my little boy wouldn't have been taken from me. It's bloody disgusting what's happened. That social worker left the service because she knew that we were all being screwed along with other families in the same boat and she couldn't live with it on her conscience for one thing and for another she wanted to help troubled families not tear them apart on her bosses say so. Oh well thanks again for your support much appreciated xx
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  8. bento

    bento Active Member

    Hi crazydiamond, I agree it is about the money. Both the money you have as well as the
    money folks make at their jobs as
    school social workers, therapists, psychiatrists etc. The schools themselves can have a vested
    interest in having special ed kids as they bring in extra $. It's really scary. There are obviously well meaning and competent people, but there are also a lot of mentally disturbed or power tripping types that look to create a mess, so they can play hero. Also, again I noticed several of these women
    had children who were quite dysfunctional. It felt like that the crabs in a bucket analogy. And once
    your caught in the system, good luck getting out of it.

    All these "crazy" kids and "crazy" parents are big big business. What a lot of families need
    are basic sane parenting/mental health classes or advice, money, and respite (again, money).
    Think about it, erase someone's financial troubles, toxic relationships, health concerns, and then
    give them
    good basic parenting and/or mental health advice (i.e. diet and mood connection) Take a
    look afterwards and I bet a lot of symptoms disappear with this type of intervention. But look
    at the above formula: the money is flowing towards the family and less into the system.
    Afterwards there will be little money going back into the system. It's sadly not really set up for
    getting better and getting out.

    I guess I became skeptical after being diagnosed with severe depression whilst being abused
    which disappeared very quickly once I learned to protect myself and avoid further abuse.
    Also one of our children was diagnosed with Bipolar. When I heard from him that he was
    being abused by father (father had convinced me I was problem and would never hurt children
    --common lie in DV situations), I kept them apart for several weeks, and his symptoms
    disappeared. Huh, right? Cause for celebration? Not with these ladies!! They seemed
    obsessed to find the worst diagnosis, to proclaim dysfunction and create a "team" so they
    could have meetings and play God. That was my take anyway. They seemed disappointed
    to see him doing well. So sad.

    Again with money, you can homeschool, pay for camps, and extra curriculars. You can buy
    your own respite. You can afford to look for solutions not available with a tight budget. Also,
    if you can portray wealth (something I couldn't do, but I noticed that others would could
    received a different type
    of treatment) you somehow are treated with more consideration. The very worst thing to
    do is tell them your mistakes or low points. Or be vulnerable with them in any way. It seems
    to create a kind of feeding frenzy. I'm sorry to be so cynical, but with my experiences it's
    hard not to. A great deal of the mental health industry seems geared towards a giant
    spin the dysfunction wheel and step right up and get your diagnosis, meds, and label for life.
    Not towards greater understanding, healing, and thriving. But then again, people who are
    enjoying their lives, united happily with their families, healthy, gainfully employed and with
    good relationships, don't need meds, therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, "teams" of
    the above, residential treatment, hospitalizations, etc etc. Take away the necessity for
    the majority of those interventions and a lot of folks are maybe not making so much money.
    It might be hard to see your long term patient improving when you have a payment coming
    up on your vacation house. Just a thought. And yes, I know that social workers don't make
    squat, but some do get off on their kudos and power trips, and a lot of the other folks make big
    big bucks. Big pharm companies make a fortune. Imagine if all that $ went to providing
    low cost quality care, respite and extra curriculars to the families who are suffering.
  9. recoveringfromptsd

    recoveringfromptsd I'm a VIP Premium Member

    @crazydiamond47 I can relate in a different way, Dept of social services placed me in a place for 1.5 years where abuse was constant, and when I complained of the abuse I was told to live with it. So they sanctioned the abuse. I endured 3 rapes there, 1 was by a staff member. The place was shut down when a client in there care was murdered, and DSS came out saying "we did not know" abuse was going on. These days I can't even go near a DSS office because of lack of trust in them. At the end of the 1.5 years I was dumped onto the street unable to take care of myself, where I ended up prostituting to survive, sleeping on cardboard in parking garages, and drinking heavily to cope with it. My life has been hell since.
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  10. DandylionWishes

    DandylionWishes Member

    Yes, yes, yes! I wish I had the gift of explaning things as well as you do.
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  11. Boudicca1969

    Boudicca1969 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Oh my giddy aunt @recoveringfromptsd I'm so truly sorry about your terrible experiences at the hands of social services. You have been been through very similar to my eldest kid. Indeed the kids home he was stuck in for 5 years with no help was recently shut down because of numerous reports of sexual abuse by workers in there against former residents. It's happening all over. Sadly I'm not surprised to hear someone was actually killed in the home you were in because social services employ lunatics and paedophiles all the time because unfortunately they are often the only people who even want to work with troubled kids as you used to be. For obvious reasons ie they can have power over vulnerable kids and have easy access to molest and rape them too.

    This ties in with @bento and what they have said about social workers being pathological themselves. In fact I went to school with someone whose parents were both social workers. The dad and older brother raped them as a small kid and the mum neglected her own kids to work in a residential kids home looking after other people's kids. The parents split up because the dad had been violent to the mum as well because he was a severe alcoholic. Then the older brother was left to care for this girl and her twin brother. Which is when he abused her.

    I went out with the older brother when we were all teenagers not knowing at the time he was a pervert. 3 months into our relationship his younger sister attempted suicide. She would have been just 15 at the time. She finally succeeded aged 27 because she couldn't get over what had happened to her in her family growing up unsurprisingly. I only found out about that and her pervert older brother 15 years ago when I made contact with a school friend who knew us all way back when. I met the dad once when I was going out with the older brother and I didn't like him at all, he was a dirty old creep.

    I sent the older brother an email condoling him on the death of his little sister and he emailed me back and threatened me with the police if I contacted him again. That's when I realised he had abused his sister along with their dad. To put this in further context this bloke had heard all the rumours at our school concerning my older brother and his friends abuse of me. It's now my belief that this bastard knew he was probably about to get caught abusing his sister and knowing I was an incest victim too he moved on from her to me. And guess what? This bastard is now a social worker himself. And our mutual school friend is a teacher and she's still friends with him to this day in spite of knowing what he is and what he did to his sister.

    Furthermore this teacher worked down my youngest kids junior school. My kid was going to be taught by this bitch the following academic year but after I confronted her about her noncey mate ie my ex boyfriend she left that school rather than teach my kid or deal with me again. Much later after my youngest was taken into care and after social services had got their full Care Order on her, this bitch's ex boss the headmistress of my youngests school and the manager of social services cooked up this bullshit story about my youngest kid telling other kids at that school that she was in care because her dad had hurt her and that was why social services weren't allowing unsupervised contact between my youngest and us her parents because they still 'believed' my partner had abused her. Even though the judge had ordered plenty of unsupervised contact between us all on the recommendation of the child and adolescent psychiatrist and the Guardian Ad Litem who had assessed us all for the care proceedings.

    It really was a stitch up and conspiracy all round not only on the part of social services but also that headmistress. She was pissed off at losing who she thought of as a good teacher (my bitchy ex friend) and my bitchy ex friend was pissed off at feeling she had to leave that school because she was too scared to deal with me and of course my pervert ex boyfriend now a social worker himself was scared about losing his job because of what I knew about them all. And social services and the teaching profession always cover their own arses and protect their own while the kids as well as the parents get chucked under the bus and thrown to the wolves. We are all sacrificed so the social workers and teachers keep the upper hand and their jobs. It's f*cking disgusting and an absolute bloody scandal.

    But we can't go to the media about it without risking being jailed for contempt of court. Because the family courts are closed in the UK and now you all know why. Protecting the kids anonymity yeah? Nooo it's to protect the social services and to cover up their mistakes and to avoid bad publicity and accountability for those mistakes. If the public knew the full extent of social services ineptitude ignorance and negligence they would be up in bloody arms about it like I and many other kids and their parents are too. Sorry to repeat myself but it's true. Oh yeah there are pressure groups such as Justice for Families and the Family Rights Group to try to help kids and families and to try to influence the Government into making much needed changes to the system as it stands. But in my experience they are both as much use as a f*cking chocolate teapot. In other words no bloody use at all.

    And let's not forget that the social workers and teachers are on the payroll of Government. The Government are these bastards bosses. It makes my bloody blood boil. And @bento you're absolutely correct in saying that it's a money making machine for all the so called 'professionals' involved with troubled kids and their families. But those kids and families never see a bloody penny of that money. But all the schools the shrinks the doctors the pharmaceutical companies the foster carers and the social workers get that money instead. I know for a fact that over here in the UK social workers get a financial bonus for reaching a certain quota or target of placing kids in long term foster care or up for adoption. Yes they make money out of the kids and parents heartbreak and misery. f*cking sickening isn't it?

    Because all the kids really are is a product a bloody commodity. There's huge money to be made in private fostering or adoption and screw the kids welfare or futures. The Government don't want to make things better for the kids or their families by investing in prevention over cure. People don't matter but f*cking MONEY does (cue that song by Pink Floyd on the Dark Side of the Moon album released in 1973- nope nothings changed in bloody 44 years). It's no bloody wonder this world of ours is going to Hell in a hand basket. What are we teaching our kids and future generations? That money is the only thing important in the world and people ain't worth Jack shit.

    It's a load of old bollocks and I'm f*cking furious about it. And the irony is that without money I can't take these f*ckers on or help to change the system for the better. So all I can do is rant and rave about this disgusting state of affairs on websites like this and hope that someone somewhere with the power of influence and heaps of money agrees with my take on things and wants to do something about it themselves. Because as it stands I'm powerless to do anything myself. But I do have the power of my voice and my words. And I will use those to the best of my ability. I refuse to be silenced or controlled anymore. There was a saying in the 60s which stated that if you're not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

    I know which side I'm on.
  12. Suzetig

    Suzetig Still the Staff Kitteh... Moderator Sponsor $100+

    I've let a lot of this go frankly because I can't be arsed arguing with your half assed assertions but this is utter nonsense - where is your evidence for this?
  13. Boudicca1969

    Boudicca1969 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Thank you for showing your true colours @Suzetig now I know which side you're on and why. I don't have to prove anything to you only the people who matter in this equation and I'm afraid you're not part of that number dear. Use your moderator's power to close this thread like you did my other thread Social services part two but the truth is already out there because of what I've already written on this website. And others. You're obviously getting twitchy because of your own agenda. Sorry but that's not my problem love. Oh and please don't try to engage me in a stupid puerile argument darling. I'm a grown up and this isn't the school playground. You will get no further response from me which I know is what you're angling for. What a pity I can't put you on ignore because you're a moderator. How on Earth did you manage to achieve that hun? It's so very like these social workers who do a degree at Uni but have no experience in raising children themselves but seemingly think they have the right to dictate to parents like me how to look after their own kids. Absolute power absolutely corrupts. Look at Hitler and what he did to 6 million Jewish people because he let power go to his head. I'm afraid you have the same mentality as him. There's a reason why parents like me and kids like mine call SS the Gestapo. And that's my final word to you on this subject.
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