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My therapist is reffering me to a trained professional therapist certified in somatic herapy because a thyroid nodule has me in a constant flight mode. I am curious as to how this works?
That sounds a little strange to me. As far as I know, somatic therapy is using the body to process psychological trauma and emotions. It isn't a way of dealing with physiological ailments. Your thyroid should be being dealt with medically. PTSD comes with lots of somatic symptoms. Hypervigilance, somatic pain, body memories, dissociative symptoms etc.

How are they treating your thyroid? Is the nodule a consequence of a hyperthyroid condition?

A lot of people find somatic therapy helpful for PTSD.
Yes. I have pretty bad ptsd..but a thyroid problem too. My medical doctor is treating it physically..but... My therapist thinks the nodule might be triggering to me also because I describe it as feeling like someone is constantly choking me...and feel like I am in a constant flight state..with severe anxiety....
Ah. If it is related to hyperthyroid issues that alone will make you jittery and in a constant flight state. Physically because of the disruption in hormones. If the sensation of the nodule is triggering then... argh..... that will do that to you very "well". :( The somatic therapy will deal with the triggeredness and the things that are being experienced by your body because of the past traume. The nodule will be treated medically by the medication etc that the dr is giving to you.
I had a hard cold adenoma on my thyroid for many years. It made me choke if I laughed too hard, hoarse if I sang for too long, and it it produced way too much saliva. All that time I was on thyroid replacement. It made me icy cold and steamy hot. And it added to the depth of my depression. After many years, it began to cause throat pain and surgery was arranged. It was thought it was cancer but it ended up being benign. Only 1/2 of the thyroid was removed. Once it was removed, most of the symptoms have gone or are greatly diminished. All this to say, that the thyroid can cause lots of physical symptoms. Though it might cause you angst, it seems to me that the physical symptoms will not be helped with therapy directly. A correct dosage of thyroid replacement and/or surgery would probably do the trick. But, this is only my opinion...
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