Someone said the world might not be completely safe but there are safe spaces

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So someone said this to me - that you feel the world isn't safe but there are safe spaces - and I just don't really know if it is true?
I get that I feel chronically unsafe and under threat and at risk and some of this is trauma but some of it is just a belief that people will not listen to me or help me or want to help me and that if I make a mistake it will be seen as a terrible thing and there will be no understanding from others. And of course I will and do make mistakes and mess up and it made me realise that so many of my thoughts and anxieties are about being punished and judged harshly for any errors. It feeds into a lot of checking behaviours or excessive rumination if I do something wrong or think I have or might have. It makes me so terrified of making mistakes and it really feeds into a lot of ocd behaviours. Does anyone else have this and how do you deal with it.
There are safe spaces.

One thing that helped me a lot is the sixth sense, accrued over time, that despite all I have been through and lived with, I'm f*cking sick of living in fear! Won't do it. I don't care how logical the reasons are!

I had a friend who died at 19, and I just know that I'm meant to die old, live a long life. And that things are/will get better for me.

Crystals helped me to feel safer in my home, too; my favorite is black tourmaline which is literally for physical safety and protection.
my greatest certainty is that the world is NEVER as hostile as my hyper-vigilance and social anxiety say it is. when i am hyper-vigilant, i make butterflies fly through metal detectors before they are allowed on my porch. when my social anxiety is roaring, i'm sure that baby is going to hold a grudge because i called its sucking device, "a pacifier." i never can keep up with the politically correct terms and people are soooooooo sensitive these days.
It’s a curious comment.

Something I might say under certain circumstances.

Something I’d argue under most others.

What’s your take?
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