Something I am proud of...


When I first came here, I did not have the greatest track record on following through with things, I would start a project and seldom finish it...However, as of today, I have been a member of this site for 12 years. I consider being an active member of this site as peer group therapy and exposure therapy. I count this site and its members as big blessings.

............................and 2 years ago today, I stopped smoking cigarettes, pretty much cold turkey. (I used a vape pen for about 4 days then I quit that too).

Unfortunately, I suffered a bit of lung damage from decades of smoking, but my health has improved tremendously since I stopped. Before, I was having a flare-up of COPD symptoms and had to go to the hospital about once per month because of smoking. I quit and haven't had a single flare-up since. I am able to walk up a flight a stairs which I was having difficulty doing before due to shortness of breath as well, etc.

Another thing that I am proud of accomplishing is that I walk to the store twice a week despite painful spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. I need the exercise plus I need to build up a bit more stamina. (I am not in the greatest physical condition and I am approaching 60 yrs old). It is a challenge and I have to use a cane and stop several times to rest but I still give it a go.

I am not one to go around tooting his own horn, but today I feel proud of those accomplishments.


I'm proud of you too, Lion! A lady and I were talking earlier this week and.she was asking me how I quit smoking and I already knew she wasn't ready to quit. I quit 6 years ago or something ( quit counting) and don't miss it! Good for you! And I did what u did. Just threw em' down!