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Something therapist said makes me think that she isn't believing what I wrote

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Had session this morning, we spoke about my trauma timeline and I don't know if maybe I'm being too sensitive but she said something about it being unusual for a woman to have gone through so much, unless she was trafficked....what the hell, to me that makes me think that she isn't believing what I wrote....what do you think?
I agree with @somerandomguy she was trying to ask if you’d been trafficked.

I will say she definitely should’ve gone about it a better way because I can totally see where you would be wondering. Is she a trauma T or just a T?

Having been through a lot myself I question whether people believe me all the time so a comment that to some may seem direct and straightforward (Have you been trafficked?) leads me to question whether someone believes me or not. With a T that would be hard because generally I just don’t tell people much then they can’t say that seems like too much you have to be lying. Sucks to be in the position. But you aren’t alone. Ask her point blank, the way she answers would tell me.
or possibly she's saying that your level of trauma matches the trauma experienced by people who have been trafficked. I could see her taking that route if you were minimizing your trauma by taking the "other people have it worse" stuff that can be a huge part of denial. (yep - been there, done that!)

Either way - it's a good conversation to have about communication with her.
Keep in mind that the definition of trafficking is a lot broader than most people think. It does not require movement of persons to qualify, it just requires some form of exchange (money, goods, services, shelter) && coercion (for labor, for armed violence) or using force to commission commercial sex acts (and for a minor, any commercial sex act).
There are things that we don't see from our point of view. Much the same way a child interprets the world from their knowledge and point of view, we do the same, especially with our trauma stuff.

My T is a guide. My T gives me a different frame of reference I may not have because I view things from a personal point of reference. Sometimes - when I take that point and think about it - things change. Other things I never thought of change and become important because of that different point of view.

My T is a guide who lets me see things differently - to understand what really happened.....and what hurt me....and why.
Is this still the T you are unsure about? I’m honestly not sure how I would take that (I am super sensitive!), but I would definitely talk to her about it.

And, yes, everything @Weemie said.
i'm all too often wrong when i guess at what other people are thinking. my mind reading skills genuinely suck. when i invite other folks to guess along with me, they, too, are wrong often enough that methinks it is even harder to read the minds of people you have never met.

i prefer to ask, straight up and simple, "what did you mean by that?"
I sent my therapist an email after the thing she said yesterday about how it was unusual for a woman to have gone through so much, unless she was trafficked. I emailed to tell her it made me think she was doubting what I put in my timeline and it upset me and this is her response. I needed a push from my friend, but I'm so glad I sent it now and I can stop thinking about it in the way I thought!
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