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Something To Think About - Come Into This World Crying

Discussion in 'Social' started by mouse, May 28, 2007.

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  1. mouse

    mouse Well-Known Member

    :crybaby: When we come into this world, people cry with delight and happiness, the goal in life is to live your life so that when you die, people cry because they remember the goodness and happy thingsThat you accomplished. :crybaby: Its a Native Proverb I heard it may not be totally correct but it makes you think ---well t made me think about the numner of times I have cried inmy life vs the number of tmes it was du eto joy and happiness. Point being I have always been an Anti-Crying but if I can find joy to dry about then its worth it in life.:clap:
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  3. Rob T.

    Rob T. Active Member

    That's a cool proverb, mouse. Crying out of joy is very good, but I'll take any type of joy- joy with crying ot just joy, I'll Take either one.

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