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Somethings I learned that I think are helpful

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I thought I would share this because I think it is helpful. Evolution says our species evolved to a particular environment 200k years ago. Our reactions to threats, typically predators, which are the same for many animals.

1. Muscle tension in neck. This is called armoring, or keeping the bite from penetrating.
2. Adrenaline, enhanced physical ability to fight or escape.
3. Mild shock, a lowering of blood pressure to survive bleeding from a wound.
4. The analgesic effect. Blocking pain and feeling euphoria. Escape with serious injuries.

I got #3 last week when I googled my symptoms. The blood drained from my lips, my face felt cold, and I had some confusion. I also had sweat pouring down my cheeks. These are the same survival symptoms in most mammals. In my program, these symptoms are considered to dissipate trauma. Kind of like crying dissipates sadness. Not too much hard evidence, but it sometimes is best to assume something and see if it works, than wait for eternity for someone to research it. #4 kind of scares me. I had this one a lot. The terror would build and suddenly I would feel well-being and euphoric. It is kind has a not true ring to it. I could even feel it coming. I scared of it because an article I read says you can hide in it your whole life and never recover. I always thought PTSD was weird, since it goes through our senses to our brain. I thought their should some kind of filter. Or the idea what see can damage you.
That's interesting. I typically have low blood pressure and once had some issues with it dipping down into territory where I would get dizzy, too, even though I have GAD. I also have a lot of medical trauma. It seems that while getting my blood pressure taken at the very scary clinic, it would be higher than it normally is.

I have also had somewhere over 15 surgeries and plenty of injuries. #3 makes me wonder if my body is just waiting to be cut open again.
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