Sources of Help?


What are some sources of help?

I have a therapy appointment in 3 weeks but I now realize that 2 months between appointments isn’t going to help me. (Yes, it will be 2 months from making the appointment to actually seeing the therapist. Idk why they are talking on new people at all.) I am going to call and see if this is indeed the norm. Most likely I’ll contact other people as well.

But regardless, I need some kind of help and I don’t want to go to the hospital or to a day program.

Is there nothing In between?

My group therapy is a catastrophe as last time I reached out for help I was told that if I complained again, my services would be limited.

My one on one person only tried to follow through ONCE in a three week timespan, doing something she actually said she could do.

I don’t know what to do at this point. I just want to sleep all the time as it’s the only thing that helps.
in my personal herstory, i consistently underestimated the value of those long stretches between pro therapy appointments. i had written off a great many healing options and the process of opening my heart and mind to them happened while i was waiting for those blankety blank pros to get their act together and service me properly according to my personal definitions of "proper."

but that is me and every case is unique. . .

gentle support while you sort your own case, eve.
Covid has created such a clusterf*ck on the therapeutic resource front.

Of the 200 some odd professionals I know personally? There are only 6 who are still in active practice. Most of the rest are planning on transitioning back into practice… but they make more money and have better benefits working part time with Amazon or UberXYZ than they will for the first few years of reestablishing their practices. The infrastructure just took such a radical hit that it’s difficult for people to start over.

So the good news/ bad news, is that it isn’t you. It’s the entire industry. Which IS starting to get back up on their feet & dust themselves off, but it’s going to be slow going.

Going back to school is going to give you a whole lot of new options (not just the existing student counseling services, but student driven faculty led groups, etc.) but whilst that’s even further off than your next appt.? It will be a few more pieces to Tetris in.

In the interim I’d look at piecing things together on your own. Art therapy, equine/canine, trauma informed yoga or tai chi, NAMI groups, retreats, etc. in addition to non-therapeutic but still badass/fun/useful things that help to reduce symptoms/stress improve life/living.

^^^ I’m not personally able to add that much balance in my own life when I’m doing badly, but it’s pretty core to my life when I’m doing well that I have a whole lot of pieces that Tetris together to make a whole, rather than having all my structure coming from one or two places. So it’s one of those cusp-y sorts of things. Like today is a “good” day (when I’m doing badly) if I can even flicker my thoughts at taking a shower, cooking something, going for a walk, spending some time sketching (yet not doing any of those things); versus those make up less than 10% of what I actually did in a day, when I’m doing well. The more pieces I CAN add? The better I’m doing.