Other Stalked by transient woman


I may not write this as well as I would like, but it is an sincere request for input if you have some thoughts. I have handled successfully previous situations involving people with residences over the years but this one is like a ball of yarn for me.

Firstly, I feel empathy for her appearance of plight. She appears not mentally balanced (as she spends hours swinging on street signs), sleeps on various park benches (sometimes ours in front of the Senior Building) often wears the same clothes for days, sometimes is shoeless, mostly smudged and dirty, and panhandles and/or may be soliciting. She seems to be in her late twenties and determined to root near our building as some try to help with money, food and clothes.

However, she has stalked me for over two months when I walk my dog. Positioning herself on my route directly in my path now in an more aggressive manner, it took an great deal of restrain on my part to Grey Rock Method and zip my lip a moment ago. She moved in three feet of me without a mask and casually tipped her bottle and drank the last of it ...blocking my way home. Luckily my dog froze as I thought how stupid of her to display her throat in her position posturing. It is just how I think during alert. I was very angry that she is escalating and cut me off twice today during my route, despite me changing it up.

She has already assaulted a Senior woman In a wheelchair here and to be honest... none of us want to have our address on a restraining order and how does one serve it to a homeless person anyway? However, as long as people treat her as a pet with handouts, she is not likely to go to the shelters where there are rules. As well because of the COVID they release offenders very quickly from jail here. She only spent a few hours last time she was jailed for the assault.

So I thought I come here for suggestions as I am trying to ignore her as one would a misbehaving toddler in the hopes she finds another sport while I stay proactive. Today, was a good day for proving to myself that I can choose how I react despite my PTSD and training. Yet, enough is enough. Thoughts?


I am so very sorry to hear of your troubles with this woman @Recovery4Me . I can only imagine how threatened her behaviours must have you feel.

I am not certain if this is practical where you live or not but I used to carry a canister of pepper spray to help me out of situations like what you are describing. That may not be an option for you though.

I suppose you don't have an alternate route to take the dog out? Or do you just never know where she is going to be?


@shimmerz Hello ?. Hope you are doing well.

I do carry Pepperspray. It is a small comfort just to know It is there should things progress. However, as the court battle can be a hefty process plus fine if not found warranted plus I am walking my dog (worried he might get it too) ...I am considering all alternatives up to that point. I really appreciate your input as it makes me feel that I am on the right track.

@Survivor3 I am in the USA. Right now in my city, many things are in flux due to COViD, multiple surrounding evacuations from fire, larger homeless gatherings, BLM Movements, shelters full, ect. I felt petty in view of the chaos to complain to the police about a homeless woman that pops up every street I walk. But as she is escalating I will call and find out what can be done without a witness besides just my say so.

I think that I will talk to the woman she assaulted and ask her for info. Thanks for helping me think this through. It helps a lot.


Talked to an Officer and received some good advice in case of future escalation. She suggested that I get the personal info on the transient from the woman whom was assaulted and then proceed with a restraining order.
She did not know if I could avoid my address being on the order to the homeless woman. However, she offered the woman will have to stay a 100 feet away or be arrested.

Will think on it. Courts at times seem to give away your info which can heighten one’s paranoia and enable the predator.