Starting Fresh - Relationship to Friendship

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I am deeply saddened by the fact that i had to break it off with the girl i was dating, but i think that it would be better to start fresh with someone else; someone who knows what she wants out of life... S was too much on the fence (didn't know what she wanted), plus with her mother telling her that i am violent just because i am bi-polar just screwed the whole thing up. S and i had a long talk and she told me that i should make someone else happy and just be her friend... she is my best friend right now and helped me immensely with the health scare that i had two weeks ago. They thought that i might have had a tumor on my pancreas, but it turned out to be a huge gallstone!! Anyway, S was there by my side through the whole thing: the anxiety and panic of waiting for the test results, etc...

I like to think that i'm losing a girlfriend, but i'm gaining a great friend!!

Thanks, everybody, for listening to me vent!!



I'm sorry to hear this Josh, but happy you have a friend out of it all.

Glad to hear it wasn't cancer!

And great job on staying positive! Give yourself a big pat on the back for that one!



You may not feel this now, but how I look at it is girlfriends/boyfriends may come and go but "Best Friends" are forever. Very happy to hear you don't have cancer, must have been a very stressful time waiting. (((Hugs)))) T.


Hi Josh. Long time no see. I'm also glad that your test turned out ok and you don't have cancer.

I'm sorry that you relationship didn't work out. Unfortunately fear of the unknown makes people (like your friend's mom) do some really hurtful things. Having a friend come out of a relationship that didn't work is pretty rare. I hope y'all friendship grows and stays strong.

BTW-you know this is the place to vent!

Glad to see you around more.

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