Starting my healing journey


New Here
Hello everyone, I have been pushing my trauma side effects aside for a very long time. Partially due to the fact that I lived so many layers of it throughout the years that I was living in a survival mode therefore I was never able to fully touch that part of me.

Now that I have made decisions that led me to living alone and surrounded by a great support system, having resolved my need to be in a survival mode, all my pent up emotions are now Resurfacing. It has been scary and overwhelming as I do not even know where to start to tackle them all.

Reading self help books is helpful, I called a psychologist help line that is available through my work my first appointment will be on Dec 29th.

I restarted to go swimming and planning on doing yoga.

Aside from all of those steps am taking, do you had any advice for me as to where to start.

Am realizing that my trauma is coming from way further than I had anticipated, I went through a relationship with a sociopath in 2014 but now I know that I already had PTSD before him... So they're many layers to tackle.

Any advice will be welcome.

Thks everyone and safe healing to y'all.
Welcome to the forum, and congratulations for making the move to start therapy.

It may seem a bit counterintuitive, but for now, over the difficult Christmas period and with the stress of an upcoming therapy session, I'd focus on doing those things that make me feel good, or at least stable/coping. Pulling out all the stops with things like healthy, balanced meals, good quality sleep, daily exercise, and keeping in contact with the people in your life.

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Hi @Noberly, welcome to the site 😀. I also had many layers of trauma and lots of "unresolved issues" and I am now much better! So it's never to late to start working on stuff, I'm proof of that! It's great to hear that you have a good support system.

I pay for private counselling and today was my 58th session! I also have a mental health "care coordinator ". I should be getting a new support worker soon. All these things help. The pressure of Christmas and new year can be overwhelming for some of us, so I second what @Sideways said. You've got an appointment which is great so keep it simple with a balanced lifestyle.

Again, welcome and best wishes to you!
Sounds like you are off to a great start! It’s been an emotional roller coaster for me tackling my trauma, but the gains moving forward (despite the trials) are 100% better than being stuck. There’s lots of nice people who can often relate to what you are going through here in this forum. It’s nice to have support wherever you can get it and sometimes just simply knowing you aren’t alone in your struggles helps the most. Welcome!
hello noberly. welcome aboard.

i don't like giving advice, but i might suggest, "easy does it." unlike survival mode, healthy living seldom has any urgency to it. things which are important are seldom urgent. taking one layer at a time, in small bytes and long chews helps me maintain a far healthier lifestyle than the hypervigilant chase to survive ever did.

whether that works for you, or not, welcome aboard. take what you like and leave the rest.
Thank you for the welcoming words and advices. It does help to know that I am not alone. I will keep coming back to this forum for motivation.

Hope you are all doing well and have a great Christmas time!