I have not taken a Prilosec in a couple days and I’ve been taking them for years so I’ll share this in the hope fellow sufferers will benefit.

Background is horrible stomach problems, and food allergies, loose stool, explosive diarrhea, terrible gas, worse heartburn, addicted to coffee.

So I’ve been doing battle with this forever and aside from just what foods are good and bad, there is also the eating disorder side of things but.

I just got up the other morning and iced the coffee. Idk why, except my stomach has been somewhat worse lately, so do something (anything).

So I iced the coffee, and I have not taken a Prilosec, which is the OTC name for omeprazole, in a couple days. I’m embarrassed to tell you the amount of OTC medication I take to deal on a daily basis, but I do what I have to do.

I’m really happy about this because for me it’s progress. I’ve quit coffee a few times and I still had heartburn, but that’s another story. Anything good right now is good.


I tend to get up in the morning, stumble into the kitchen half mindedly and eat or pour myself a coffee. Then I remember I am supposed to take omeprazole half an hour before I eat. This usually happens after I finish the food and coffee. That's when I take all my other meds.

So I end up missing the stomach pill altogether. My tummy is doing OK, but some days it is a bit queasy. Then I remember I am supposed to drink lots of water. Plain pure water. This would seem bad when one has the runs, but it isn't.