Other Strange Question, Concussions/ TBI and Sleep Sounds

Does anyone know if growling in one's sleep post a concussion is something that often occurs? Or what else causes this, or what does it indicate, if anything? (It did not exist before the concussion.) Could it be hormonal?

(I have had a concussion and far as I know I don't have this personally).

Thank you for any feedback.


If it didn’t exist prior to the concussion, then it’s probably concussion / neurologically related, rather than hormonal. Which means I would consult with a neurologist, rather than an endocrinologist.

(I have had a concussion and far as I know I don't have this personally).
I’ve had dozens, some with some very quirky side effects, some with no side effects at all. It all depends on which part of the brain was injured.
Thank you @Friday , I was hoping you or someone might know. The hot flashes have been greater than 10 years, which is why I wonder if hormonal. Yet more like elevated body temp than hot flashes. But because we all have EDS (I am not diagnosed but phenotypically I'm more obvious than her, and they had no doubt even looking at her), and now they know it screws will autonomic nervous system regulation, Idk. And very few are familiar with EDS. She had a CAT Scan ordered by her internal specialist for headaches but with Covid diagnostic and surgical backlog it took months to get. Finally had it in July last year and no results yet would you believe. Had cardiology issues and a battery of tests to see if the EDS affected the blood vessels, and went on meds for cardiological issues, but that was after this already had appeared.

Thank you.