Sufferer Stress and cPTSD - Please share your experiences hope and support.

I'm under quite a bit of stress and pressure for the past few months. This is happening in many parts of my life. I don't seem to be handling it very well, and that I am using maladaptive coping skills that are somewhat harmful to me but are getting me through things. My therapist said is related to my chronic trauma that I have had in my past. I'm having trouble seeing the connection. Depression and anxiety are intensely and often present. All I know is that I want to get better yet I am very very tired of fighting this disease or situation or whatever it's called. Any feedback would be very helpful. Please share your experiences hope and support. Thank you so very much


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I’m so sorry. It is exhausting. I try and listen to my body and rest when I need to. I take an antidepressant. I turn to safe friends and a few family members. The hardest thing for me is that I deal with one abuser and there is another lurking. It’s very disheartening. Make sure you have a good and safe support system, a therapist who understands ptsd, and listen to what your body needs. It’s very hard. I’m sorry.


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way back in the last millennium when i started psychotherapy under a host of different names, i, too, had a hard time seeing the connections between my past traumas and the current day difficulties dealing with stress, etc. once i began to drop the denial, i was able to see the messy connections all over my broken life. decades later, i am still spotting new connections in the most surprising of places. the good news is that once i got over that initial hump, the awareness has made it less and less of a big deal. the scars are what give me my unique character.

but that is me and every case is unique.
steading support while you sort your own case.
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i call my mental illness, "a condition." i feel a bit more empowered by the fact that conditions can change.


Any type of recovery training is a great way to get a grip on stress and learn how to manage in a way that encourages recovery. Not sure where you are located, but the USA has quite a bit of good stuff out there. WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) by the Copeland Centre is excellent. OPDI is excellent as well. The idea is to learn how to identify stress and create a life that is mindful of how stress can impact you. Learning how to inject joyful (or even pleasant) things in your life again. Knowing when stress is getting to you and nipping it in the bud. Learning how to focus on self care and self compassion.

It is possible. I have seen it happen many times. I used to actually leave the room if anyone spoke about hope to me. I planned on scheduling myself for euthanasian. I was serious about it. I saw no hope. Nobody could convince me there was hope. I had to prove it to myself but also needed the tools to do so. WRAP did it for me. Now I teach it. I live it. I breathe it.