Stressor vs. Trigger - What Is A Trigger?


So I have just read through this and I have a post elsewhere where I talk about something that *looked like* something bad from my past experience. Seeing it and having to eat it has triggered flashbacks recently. Now I avoid this thing (a liquid type food) because it seemed to trigger a flashback to abuse. But the thing itself wasn't involved in my abuse, just that the sight of it the texture made me vividly remember something. SO is that a trigger? Or am I making things up? Sorry I am getting really confused.


Sorry for using the term incorrectly.
My therapist uses the term when he sees me get keyed up and we can't figure out the specific reason but we know it's a hot button. FOR instance: I spoke about being referred to as a victim as a "trigger" because it is what my therapist called it. I don't know what specifically in my past makes me have such an extreme reaction. By definition it should probably be called a stressor.
The word "victim" would qualify as a trigger based on what you're written. (In the same way as the OP used "You are so sweet" as a trigger phrase.