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Strong specific medication

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My nephew is getting married in THREE weeks (very short engagement due to religious purposes 🙄) and I’m freaking out bc his father raped me throughout my childhood and now I have to face him for the first time since recovering these memories.

I’m also, bad timing, out of a psychiatrist. Do see cussed with my T and we both agree that I’m order for me to get through the wedding is being strongly medicated. Therapy won’t help because it takes more time.

Anyone have an idea of what type of medication would be offered to me for this type of situation? And how it would make me feel?

I’m already on klonopin and Ativan daily.
My BEST emergency meds? Make me feel like me. Minus all the bullshit. Ditto any kind of maintenance meds.

If you don’t already have an emergency med, that you know how you respond to? Whilst there are 50 different ways you MIGHT respond to it, “simply” achieving your end goal, I would take as a win.
I’m really concerned that you are on both klonopin and Ativan daily. These can cause major extended withdrawals when you decide to stop taking them, in addition to dose tolerance issues. IIRC long term use can cause cognitive issues. Given that you are already on 2 benzodiazepines I don’t think any decent doctor will give you an even heavier kind of sedative.
Those are heavy drugs I agree. I can’t see hitting yourself with anything else on a emergency basis . I understand why you want to do this but I don’t understand that you have to go. I’d say regardless of the circumstances you don’t have to go . So I’d fake an illness or whatever . Just say no .
There are times when - like @Friday and the funeral - its just best not to. Wish him well before, get together after, and stay clear of the bull💩 and people you don't need in your life. If you go there is an after too. It will be nearly impossible not to remember stuff about your trauma and that leads to a bad tomorrow.....
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