Other struggling cause of war.

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hello. i’m from ukraine. i’m in another country rn but over a month i was in ukraine. i thought that i’m gonna feel better in another place but i’m feeling even worse. i’m waking up at night at the same time (cause usually at this time air alerts were the loudest and strongest in my country), im scared of every noise, my dreams are scary, im ruining my friendship (i become more aggressive, always doubting everything).. i just don’t know what to do. i cant afford therapy and i’m just struggling everyday. i’m only 20 but everything feels like a huge end.


hello someone. welcome to the forum.

you don't say which country you are currently in, but ? ? ? could you be experiencing culture shock on top of your shell shock? either one can be hard to handle, all by itself. are you in a stable environment, at present.

steadying support, my friend. that is allot to sort. you are not alone. listening. . .


You are dealing with a lot of really hard things. I am sorry you are struggling so much. It's not surprising. Posting here and journalling can help. Are there any support groups for refuges where you are at? That might be something else you can try.

It's going to take time to feel safe again.