Struggling - The thing I'm finding the hardest at the minute is depression, rather than PTSD


So by the time my next session comes around, it would of been 3 weeks since I've spoken to her. I'm not doing so great really but finding that now I've had a break from speaking to her....the thing I'm finding the hardest at the minute is the symptoms of depression, rather than the, because I haven't been speaking about everything, I've kinda pushed it down again so it isn't popping up in my head as much as it was before....I don't know, does this even make any bit of sense? I want to speak to my Dr again about my anti depressant but I don't do well on the phone and kinda feel like I was brushed off last time.


gentle empathy, lucy lou. it never occurred to me that depression was not a natural part of my own ptsd. this is some seriously depressing stuff i have to process in my ptsd therapy and i kinda hold depression as proof that i really am processing instead of repressing again.

steadying support while you work it through. be gentle with yourself and patient with the process.