Sufferer Struggling to get through each day with flared up PTSD, MDD, Bipolar 2, ADHD, GAD, and AvPD


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Hey y’all, I’m not great at these things but I’m not sure where to go. I have the “greatest hits” list of mental health problems and up until recently, 2019, I basically was planning my funeral vs any type of future. Then, after almost 3 dozen failed med trials since my teens I was able to (at the time it felt forced) start ketamine infusions when a family offered to help pay. Fast forward to more recently, I’ve not only gotten a job, I’ve had it for a year which was longer than anything I’d had before going on disability in 2013, and I then got my own apartment.

The apartment was my final ticket to showing people I wasn’t just some mental case anymore (don’t get me wrong, I’m still certifiable lol). But I was wrong to think I was actually toeing a line of sanity for once… after getting COVID the day I moved in, I had near non stop noise and no chance to even sleep to help recoup better/faster. And my symptoms are greatly impacted by loud noises, and bangs, all of which my upstairs neighbors do all hours of the day/night. If they’re up till 2am, so am I, and I’m always up around 6am when they wake up during the week. I asked them the first time in Feb at 1:30am to be quieter, to no avail. The second time, they stared me down in such a menacing way before finally just saying one word.

After that I went to smoke outside and a truck came out of nowhere, stopped right by me for no reason, then pulled forward slowly to the stop light at the corner as I walked back to the building before revving his engine and burning out his tires then speeding off. No one else was around and my ptsd is now super amped up. I’m staying with someone else tonight but I have a camera in my place, yes I know I’ve got a lot of issues I suppose, and I couldn’t tell if they were just stomping extra loud or also banging on my door.

So I apologize this wasn’t much of an introduction as perhaps an idk… last ditch effort for someone to understand, my family does not :/


Hi love. can I give you some CBT mind tricks to calm your nervous system. Trust your instinct in this one they sound like they are arrogant and rude. Keep a low profile. Imagine a bubble around you. You need too calm down first. Get in to a chilled place. What ever that is! Then keep that vibration! Surround yourself in a protective bubble that no bad energy can penetrate. This works well for me. I recon it's thair way of telling you to do one but hopefully they will calm down too. If they see your not bothered. Good luck.