Hi everyone, I'm not gold at the moment, I'm in the precipice of self-imploding and one more little thing and I could snap. I've SH today just in order of some relief (I found none). I can't even do that right. Sometimes I wish I wasn't 'me'. I keep having bad dreams that stay with my throughout the day and I'm exhausted 24/7.
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I hope you find better ground. That is an unhappy place to be.

The human world has a lot of negatives. Maybe there is someone you know who can listen. or share?

I find relief sharing with my daughters cat. She has adopted me for the time being. She knew I needed a friend. I spend time outside away from computers and electronics and get fresh air. When I do that I feel better. As far as humans that listen, there are very few but I have a couple in my life. It is important that I hear what they say. I haven't done that in a long while. The time and place are important. Your post is a reminder to me that I need to do that soon.

I have to change things in my life right now. Too many negatives and that leads my mind to bad places. I can't let it get caught in those ruts cause I know where it leads and it's hard to get back. Lots of negatives in the news and world right now so I have to change my focus. Thanks for posting.
I hope you're okay.

I like your avatar. It's cheery.