Relationship Stuck and scared - Fighting For My Marriage

I’ve been fighting for my marriage for so long. I need help finding a solution.
My husband is struggling very much. He has stopped therapy and is adamant about not doing anything else. He doesn’t work and basically is in bed all day. He feels like I have not been helpful and have in his words abandoned him. We haven’t had a meaningful conversation in a long time and basically exist in silence. I have been asking to have a conversation about next steps and I get stonewalled.
I know he is struggling but I can’t handle the emotional back and forth. If I leave, ask him to leave it will leave him homeless. I know it’s up to him to get help and he is making choices by doing nothing. I’m just torn up by it all .
I don't have any amazing words of wisdom. Just know that you aren't alone. I came to this forum tonight a broken woman. I want to post a thread, but I'm too tired. I hear the pain in your post, and I'm sorry