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Research study for online mood intervention

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Hello! We are a research team from the University of Groningen and are conducting a survey for a short online intervention to improve mood.
The survey consists of several questionnaires that enquire about different aspects of your life as well as your current mental well-being. Also, you will be asked to partake in different mental exercises consisting of reading a text and reflecting on and writing about different topics. This study takes approximately 30 minutes.

Please note that some of the questions may be personal or distressing to you. In case you feel uncomfortable sharing some information in response to certain questions, you can simply leave them out.

This study is approved by the ethics board of the faculty of behavioral and social sciences. All acquired data will be handled with confidentiality and will be anonymized.
All answers and data are confidential and you can quit the study anytime you want to. You can find more information about it, in the study itself, as well as our contact options should any questions arise.

Below you can find the link that will forward you to the survey:

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We thank you for your time and appreciate your contribution!
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