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Sudden Anger / Frustration Within Me

Discussion in 'Dysregulation' started by cookie, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. cookie

    cookie I'm a VIP

    i have never had much "temper" nor felt angry very often, which i count as a blessing. all of a sudden this week, i am having trouble controlling my tongue, i want to be snappy, i guess, i usually stop myself and mutter under my breath later. also, when i am very shakey and drop things, can't get things open, etc...i feel like i am going to just explode, and i want to throw things, i won't let myself--i hated to see that myself--all this just makes me hate myself and i am now afraid i will start acting like them. i don't know if this is anger, or frustration, or what, but i am not used to it. how do you control it without just shaking? i don't want to run off all my friends/family like i surely will if i don't get a grip.
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  3. batgirl

    batgirl I'm a VIP

    Is something specific happening that might be causing it? Like extra stress or illness, etc? I'm just wondering because you say you're not usually like that.

    I'm having a similar problem at the moment, but I've decided it's because I'm been sick lately. I don't know how to control it, either... do you have a place in your house where you can be alone? I've been going to my room lately and just telling my family sorry I need to be alone right now.
  4. Scott_Fraser

    Scott_Fraser Well-Known Member

    Hi Cathy. Try and calm down if you can, I know that its not easy, but just try. I know that its not like you, but you get days like this with ptsd. So don't worry, your friends and family want to help you. Have you tried going for a walk to calm down, or even a swim at your local pool.
    Take it easy my friend.
    Thinking about you
  5. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Cathy, Anthony pushed me hard to see my anger and temper was not anger simply put. He had me go dig deeper in myself as to what emotions I am having that I am not releasing and then in turn comes out as anger. When I could identify the emotions behind something else that may have happened or what I was dealing with in my trauma or even stress over and from meds... Once I could identify it I dealt with those emotions and allowed myself to have them and my anger eases. Now when ever I get ticked off I stop and try to think why am I really ticked? Am I frustrated with PTSD? The shaking make me feel less than? If I drop something am I disappointed in myself? Do I feel like a lost cause? Did someone say something that hurt and maybe I took it wrong? Does not stop the anger from the beginning at once but puts things back in perspective for me and normally I can then have my anger wane now. I don't get as mad as I used too as my mind automatically goes into this way of thinking now of what emotion is fueling the anger?
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