Sudden Changes in Sleep


So, when your sleep patterns change is it sudden? Sort of like a period where you get very little sleep and suddenly you are getting lots of sleep or you go back and forth between the two extremes? In the last two weeks I suddenly went from 3-4 hours to 8 hours plus. No big changes in anything but we added a couple reprocessing tasks at my last therapy session which has to this point usually meant sleep is worse, not better.
I watch my sleep patterns my smartwatch records and it seems my sleep patterns haven't changed with the exception I can get more big chunks of deep sleep. I know I feel more rested when I see balanced light and deep sleep which switches roughly once or twice an hour between light and deep.

As for the sudden change though, anyone else?


Yeah my sleep is its own thing. I've been waking up hours before my alarm for about a week.

Came on after a good solid sleeping stretch. Maybe I don't need it? I have no clue!


changes in my own sleep patterns are always sudden, whether psychotic or well-balanced whimsy. the psychotic changes always have obvious triggers attached. flashbacks/nightmares, life stresses, physical illness, etc. the well-balanced whimsies are born of my fondness for all 24 hours of the day. when the discussion of day people vs night people arises, i call myself a 24 hour gal. all 24 hours of every day are precious. sometimes i just likes to get a taste of those hours i have been sleeping away.


I have a whole bunch of different sleep patterns… that, yep! Not only do they tend to come on suddenly, but? I am notorious for not recognizing until they’ve been the normal for at least a few days, if not a few weeks. And then it’s like… Oh. Right. This. Again. Okay!!! How do we make this work for us? 🤔 What did I do the last 30 times? I feel like there was a thing.

((Did it involve coffee? Maybe. Let’s go make some and rule it out, just to be sure. Nope! Not coffee. But at least now I can almost think in a straight line. Even if it’s like the smoke trail of a plane doing loop-de-loops and barrel rolls and shit, it’s at least going from one place to another, all sort of grouped together. Okay. So. Now that I can think, again? How DID I organize my life the last 30 times this was in play?))


I am notorious for not recognizing until they’ve been the normal for at least a few days, if not a few weeks.
...especially when going from little sleep to a lot of sleep.

I'm the same though. With the exception of mid March I just don't know why it changes suddenly. It's a little extra scary for me because not sleeping is a sign of being under medicated for Addison's. In the last couple weeks before I was diagnosed I was sleeping about 3-6 hours.....a week. So when I go from sleeping to not I am always concerned.

I should talk to my endocrinologist and see if checking cortisol levels when there is a change may help figure out if that is playing a part.

Just FYI - the guy thing with falling asleep "after", that's cortisol baby.