Sudden Panic Attacks And Anxiety.......Need Help.I feel like taking off running but i stay stuck...

I've had PTSD for about 5 years but just currently got diagnosed and I'm bearly learning to process it....I feel like no one around me really understands what I'm going through...


You've come to the right place then. Welcome.

Are you in therapy? Do you take any medication for the anxiety or have grounding tools you use? Many of us here have anxiety and have many different ways of grounding. Hope you can find something that works for you. Glad you are here.
I'm currently in rehab and I've had therapy before, I need to find a new therapist through.......I don't like how I feel , In was diagnosed with chronic PTSD and sometimes I just feel hopeless.....I hope I get the help I need...Got any tips for panic attacks?


I totally know that feeling of feeling like absolutely no one understands, its so incredibly hard and hopeless to go through trauma alone and not feel understood - being understood and feeling like someone is there literally helps us to heal. I'm so sorry its so hard.
I have suffered from panic attacks on and off for a decade, they have come back badly this year, what you described in the title "i feel like I'm taking off running but i stay stuck" totally rings a bell with my experience. it's like my whole body is overwhelmingly activated and just wants to run to somewhere i feel safe, but i have this overwhelming sense of having absolutely nowhere to go where I will feel safe or feel ok or where the panic will go away. So I get stuck and then I get frozen and eventually dissociate which is so awful. I wonder if its anything like this for you?

I find stopping a panic attack when it's in mid-flow reallllllly hard, so i try instead to support myself and my body to be relaxed around the panic attacks.
Things like taking supportive herbs in tea form: vervain, passiflora and skullcap are my favourites. Alternate nostril breathing and pursed lips breathing - these help my body stay calmer in the day so I'm less likely to get caught up in a panic. Asking people for help if I have the capacity to... just a hug can sometimes help my body calm down a bit, or leave a voice message to someone saying how i feel, or call someone, or even just try to name emotions myself (panic, overwhelm, grief, terror, fear, loneliness are common ones.)

Hope some of these things help, and I'm hoping so much that you find the support and understanding you need and deserve. 🧡
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