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Announcement Sufferers: You MUST read this thread, prior to posting

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This is the Supporter's area of the Forum.

MyPTSD has created this area to allow Supporters the space to talk freely with each other about the questions and problems they experience, from their perspective. Sufferer insight can be useful, here - but it can also derail the conversation by overwhelming it with the Sufferer's experience.

We (sufferers) might be experts in our own C/PTSD - but that doesn't mean we understand what it's like to be a Supporter, or the challenges they face.

Sufferers, do not:
  • Take threads off-topic by engaging in side arguments with each other
  • Create an echo chamber of sufferers talking only to each other, thereby drowning out the OP
  • Add to a pile-on (multiple sufferers challenging the OP with essentially the same perspective)
Remember that Supporters and Sufferers face different challenges. Respect the differences between us, and use the forum accordingly.
Update: Sufferers - Take a Step Back

It concerns me that many threads default to sufferers giving "answers" (ie justifications) for PTSD behaviors, and then supporters take this input and their conclusion becomes "this is normal for PTSD, now I understand and I will change my behavior".

Quite often, the supporter isn't asking for sufferer advice; they are looking for input and experience from other supporters.

Sufferers, I see you stating your own diagnostic traits from thread to thread, often repeating yourselves. The majority of threads here are not all about what you do. I appreciate @Freida starting the "what are they thinking" thread, and I'd like to see sufferers point more of their energy there.

I don't want to lock sufferers out of this forum, because there are times when your observations are helpful. But: The board has kept itself balanced by having sufferers respect that this is fundamentally supporter space. It's been an honor system. Please think twice before posting.

When you do post:

Gear your perspective towards the poster. When you're posting, don't try and solve things for them. Don't explain away their experience by identifying your own maladaptive behaviors with their partner's actions. I know you mean to be helpful, but sometimes you end up shutting down a conversation.

Understand that sufferers outnumber supporters here. You need to let there be some space for those other supporters to come to the threads, and give their responses to each other.

Finally: Re-read this post, before posting.

Thank you.
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