Sufferer Support, I just want support. Hey guys. PTSD & ADHD-C

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Hey guys.

I'm a 23 year old person in Europe, diagnosed with PTSD/ds (dissociative subtype) and ADHD(combined). I have prior history of anxiety(prior to PTSD) and depression (which has been kicked thanks to medication after a few years). Currently, I'm on medication and attending therapy (trauma-focused CBT)
I'm married and currently on disability right now while working on getting back to college next year.

I often don't really like reaching out online, but right now I really need a friendly support space, with people who have PTSD. I don't know how much of a contributer I'll be, but yeah, if you say hi could you post something funny and/or nice? I really feel down right now.


Hi :-) and welcome :-). It's good you found us. You will find caring and insightful people here. I hope you can feel the love and empathy in this cyber space. We all get how tough it can be and try to support each other, as much as we can.

So take a kind breath in, for yourself, and get settled. Read around. Get involved. Ask questions, or simply aquaint yourself with this online community.

Everyone is at different points in their healing journey, some are, currently, in crisis, other's have had plenty of those, and are (maybe) in a more peaceful inner place, but, whatever point we are in, this is a safe space/place. It's really well monitored, with wise and caring moderators and founder and I sincerely hope you get some comfort, good info and support here @kimermchay :-).


Welcome! We all know that loneliness of not having support and understanding. You will get it here, and it doesn't matter if you feel you can't contribute. Not a requirement.

Many kind and supportive folks here. It's a huge place with people from all over the world. But we all have a lot in common.

Glad you found a place you will start to feel safe at and will learn a lot. Take care.


Welcome! I'm the crazy chicken lady of the bunch, seriously, I have lots of chickens. You will hopefully find a refuge here with your tribe; people who get you, people who have been where you are, people who know what you're talking about even if you don't go into huge detail, and most important, people who can take what you say without running away from fear of your trauma. This isn't a quid pro quo space (as an American I shouldn't use that phrase) you take what works for you when you need it, when you are able you can contribute if you want to, or not. You are welcome here to be you.

Here is something funny to me. My chicken came up to me, pecked my camera and took a selfie. Not bad for a chicken. She even got her buddy in there.
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