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Support thread for those with weight gain


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I'm ashamed to admit that since my PTSD journey began in 2014/2015, I've gained at least 80 pounds. I don't even know what I weight right now, but I'm short at only 5'2" and I know I'm over 200 pounds, so I'm in the obese category or potentially morbidly obese. I'm concerned about how much more I'll hate myself and feel disgusting when I look and see a high number on the scale, so I'm not looking. And my scale broke anyway when I moved, so....

The weight gain is due to a combination of things: the meds I was forced onto in 2016, depression and not being able to get my arse off the couch for months when I was taken off work, physical injuries and some permanent deficits from those, the inability to enjoy anything that I enjoyed pre-PTSD events (anhedonia I think it's called), and some kind of serious mental block around the gym and working out.

Pre-PTSD I was a body builder, working out 2 or 3 times a day, carefully watching and calculating macros.... I was fit. I had started training with a goal of competing in crossfit and Spartans.

Now I'm out of breath just walking up the stairs and I look like a Hobbit (minus the hairy oversized feet of course). That's a long way to fall. At my age, I don't think I can ever train my way back into that kind of shape, even if I did just magically like working out again and lose the gym mental block.

Anyway, from reading around the forum I see I'm not the only one experiencing weight gain during PTSD (whether due to meds or other factors). So hopefully this can be a place for us to support each other.
yeah i gained at least 44 pounds in one year. i used to be fit too. loved doing sports but can't find the energy anymore.
And i believe due to meds (because it started after i took my first meds) i can't stop eating most days... mostly junk food and i am sick of it but can't stop.
I also hate to look in the mirror. I am disgusted with myself. i don't fit any of my clothes anymore.
I’ve gained quite a bit as well. I turn to food for comfort from my emotions and it may be a form of self-harm depending on who you ask.

I really want to turn things around. I too can’t do any of the activities I once enjoyed. I know I could lose weight with diet alone, but I just keep sabotaging myself.

Anyway, I don’t have any answers, just in the same boat.


I'll trade with all y'all if anyone wants a few pounds off :sneaky:

Critically underweight. Keep losing weight, badly.

Good luck to everyone on losing weight and having health issues properly addressed and not feeling awful about yourselves and your bodies for any reason and yah. Fist bump and cheers.

Either is no good for us. 💕

In my initial breakdown I did not eat for three weeks. Eventually my husband, and best friend encouraged me to smoke my first ever joint to calm down and hope I would get the munchies. I ate bean sprouts- which my smoking friends all think is hilarious- apparently I should have wamted Doritos or something.

In that three weeks? I lost half a bloody pound..


My whole life I have had to be super regimented about not eating - I gain weight very very easily and as that story exemplified - I don’t lose it easily .

Since the PTSD watching what I eat no longer was a concern. I only have a few items of clothing now because I am so ashamed.

In the last while I have started trying to get a handle on things. Not dramatically S is my want but to start slowly trying to make changes to sow weight gain at first. I have cut out sugar and most carbs. Occasionally I have been having precooked data and homemade bread that has been cooked, frozen , defrosted , to improve the GI.

I already eat from a small plate ( the late for a primo rather than a bread and butter plate)

I have stopped increasing weight I think ( I am not checking ).

I find routine difficult- but have been sticking to it better.

When I was young and slim I only really ate socially 😳 so I have pretty much messed up my metabolism .
To all of us, I hope and pray for success. Small steps are best, I have heard.TTrying to eat healthy is hard, but if we work at it, things should improve, even if ever so slightly.

Welcome to all you folks who need to gain too. I know, I did not start this thread, but when I was a kid I needed to gain, and I know that is hard too! It seemed impossible when I was young.
I've always had a weight problem, and the only time I was fit was when I worked on farms or worked out a lot. I am unable to work out now due to needing surgery on my back. I gained quite a bit of weight 60 lbs, when I started meds and insulin. I started eating non processed foods and lost the 60 lbs without trying. I'm still obese. This year I moved so lost my veggie gardens, but I'm working the soil at my new place to get ready for next year's gardens. I'm hoping to grow most of what I eat next year, and lose weight in the process of doing something I want.

About 10 years ago I joined a group of fat people who lived their lives. At least that's what they said. Mostly they went out to eat but the idea of doing things I wanted to do without waiting to be thin was amazing. I rode horses again (draft horses), went camping twice a month, joined a pool and swam an hour's worth of laps 3 times a week. The result being weight loss while doing what I loved. There is also a book by Geneen Roth call Women, Food, and God. It is not religious but it is really helpful with emotional eating. My library has it. I think I'll read it again.
I'll trade with all y'all if anyone wants a few pounds off :sneaky:

Critically underweight. Keep losing weight, badly.

Good luck to everyone on losing weight and having health issues properly addressed and not feeling awful about yourselves and your bodies for any reason and yah. Fist bump and cheers.
Totally get you, Ronin. It SUCKS doesn't it. Fatigue is the worst.
And everyone... No matter if anyone feels too skinny or too heavy or whatever. I've found it's incredibly difficult to work against what your body naturally wants to do, when all you want to do is enjoy food. Boo :(
I have decided I want to live to be really old, so I want to lose weight so many of my medical issues will go away. I don't want to stress on it though, I want to make good choices and stop when I'm full. That sounds easy but it's not. I was looking up an anti-inflammatory diet, and it's not unlike many healthy diets. I will use that as a base, since it is like a diabetic diet. Not that I follow a diabetic diet, but practice makes perfect.
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it may be a form of self-harm
I have often thought the same thing

My whole life I have had to be super regimented about not eating - I gain weight very very easily and ... I don’t lose it easily .
I'm the same. I had my metabolism tested a number of years ago when I was doing a lot of training, watching macros, and wasn't getting rid of those last extra pounds... my metabolism was about 1237 calories/day (starvation is considered 1200 calories/day of intake) so I could have an extra pickle but nothing more than that :rolleyes: oh yay!

stop when I'm full.
I think this is part of my problem... I'm never full. I can literally just eat all day. Whichever hormone is supposed to be released that tells you to stop (ghrelin? leptin?), I've never had that. Mom says when I was a baby I would just eat until I vomited, and then want to eat again. She called me her baby shark (decades before the song). During the PTSD assessments whenever I mentioned this, the T's misunderstood what I was saying and thought it was like an emotional hole I was trying to fill when I said "I'm never full", having made that judgement not a single T ever redirected to look for a medical cause, no matter how often I brought it up (so fine, I'll do it on my own then FFS!). And yes I can snap an elastic on my wrist while holding an ice cube, and still eat an XL pizza (that takes a bit of coordination to pull off) and not feel full (and waiting 5-10 minutes to "see if I really want it" just means my pizza is 5-10 minutes colder). It's my super power, I'm just not convinced it's a very good one.

I think I've stopped the weight gain for now, but I'm certainly not losing weight.

If I was a dinosaur I'd be a hobbisaurous miniaturus


I've gained 15 lbs since my surgery and it might as well be 100 . I've gotta get back to walking again. I am going to walk tonight but I I get tired of walking all the time. I've walked fast for about 2-3 years. The corona virus doesn't help. The depression of not working a normal schedule has bummed me out. I feel my anxiety peak at times but I don't eat that much.. But even with no exeecise.. Nothing is coming off. So, I'm going to try harder. I wish I could have one of those bodies of someone that doesn't have to walk or do anything to look good.. But it's not happening for me.

Weight is a bummer. (Underweight or overweight)
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