Supporting a long distance partner through EMDR while going through my own intensive trauma therapy, need advice

My current partner and I both have C-PTSD caused by similar CSA experiences. We've been together for 5 months now, and it's been the most healthy and fulfilling relationship I've ever been in. We both just started therapy for our traumas around the same time, them in mid-september, and mine at the beginning of october. They're doing EMDR therapy, and I'm just doing traditional talk therapy once a week. I'm trying to learn more about EMDR and how to support someone through it, it's been particularly hard for us to be as supportive as we normally are for one another, we're obviously both working through some pretty heavy shit, and I experience PNES episodes because of my trauma that've been leaving me exhausted and out of it.
They currently live across the country from me, which makes this exponentially more difficult. I just had a discussion with them about how they've been uncharacteristically neglectful and dismissive of me lately, which I've been brushing off because I know theyre having a hard time with EMDR, but it's been getting worse and is getting to a point of being really harmful to my own wellbeing when I'm also doing some heavy trauma work-throughs. They apologized and said they'd do better, and then shared with me what their mental state has been like since starting EMDR, and I really don't know if it's a typical response to this kind of therapy, and am worried that maybe it's being done incorrectly or inadequately. They've been irrationally paranoid and on edge and distrustful of everyone, and go into these negative and bitter thought patterns that they said have been scaring them, and that theyve been trying to repress and ignore in fear of saying something hurtful that they don't really mean. I'm worried they havent been provided with the right tools to deal with this level of trauma unearthing by their therapist, and their insurance only allows one session every 1-2 months, with no in between appointments. They also are pretty isolated irl, and don't have any support at home while they're going through this. They just shared with me that their mom gaslit them about their trauma being imagined when they tried to talk to her about needing more family support and patience right now.
Just am very worried and looking for advice on how we can both get through this and best support each other!