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i am his mom he suffered over 20years ago for about 5years we went to therapy, we did the psych drugs, he moved on so we thought ,, he smokes alot..mj..but he wants to move forward and he seems stuck.I dont know what else to do...what really works..he is losing hope..i dont know how to help him..
Hello @ddd - sounds like you've got a few issues going on. I wanted to welcome you to the forums. I hope we can help support you along the way. Are you supporting somebody who has ptsd?


Welcome to the community!

We’ve got a fantastic Supporters forum, & this article >>> The ptsd cup explanation <<< can really help to explain/conceptualize why/how PTSD gets cyclic, which can ease a lot of tension. Because that’s the thing with PTSD... it’s super normal for there to be periods of asymptomatic (moving on, or so we thought) bracketed by periods of symptoms kicking back in.