Study Survivors of trauma struggle to move on from the loss of loved ones


Among individuals who survive a trauma that resulted in the loss of a close friend or loved one, symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder can predict complicated grief -- a sense of persistent sadness and an inability to cope -- years after the trauma, according to new research.

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I already had ptsd. In 2015 my sister died. It really feels like a part of me died with her. So far beyond normal grief. We were best friends but in many ways we were opposites. I feel like I inherited some of her traits when she passed.


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I think the grief of losing my mum would of been so much different if I hadn't been living with my abuser. It led to a very real suicide attempt. I threw a bottle of pills into my mouth on my first birthday after her death because I couldn't go any further. I received abuse for my birthday instead of the special day I always had from my mother. I did it with my kids in the house with no thought to anyone. He made them watch as the ambulance took me and told them to look hard because it might be the last time they saw me. He was a monster.

He had an undiagnosed mental disorder which was catastrophic to live with. I didn't know, I just thought he was really mean at times and that just was who he was. I now understand that he was also in a great amount of distress, and had had to live with it his whole life and never had one person to talk to about so we were dealing with 60 years of him internalizing his shame and other feelings. In conclusion, we were all victims in the hell we lived in. Victims in many ways, and the only way to not be a victim in my case, is knowledge and talking to like minded people. I've not had therapy available but I'm patching it all together.
Writing this down was so healing, I even cried for my past self for the first time and I have started down a new, good, road. Xxx


janicalif-after I re-read the post, I realized (I was saying much of what you said), that I had not witnessed someones death.
Yet....I relate to you in so many ways. Soooo many. My sister died and I was being verbally abused. I was very sick physically with bronchitis and down to 94 pounds, and being yelled at for being sick. I ate my pills too.

Its time for us to start to see the abusers, the non supporters, the insensitive for what they are. Hell with them. Lets never get there again. We cant write the past but we can finish our own books. Hugs.


To me and my growing brain, each move to a new city/state meant the loss of everyone who existed there. They didn’t die, but they died to me.

These people had never really existed for my parents in the first place, as their hearts and minds and friends lived elsewhere and they made little effort to connect to people around them, but they did exist for me because they were all the people I had ever known. And they kept disappearing. It was often as if they had never existed, since no one remembered being with them but me. Even my much older siblings were gone suddenly and permanently, and it wasn’t supposed to bother me at all.