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Sufferer Symptoms returned after covid

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New Here
Hey everyone,

I wanted to share a bit about myself and say hello. Im a 45 year old male with C-PTSD. I was first diagnosed in 2015 after I was hospitalized on a 72 hour hold because I was having extreme anxiety attacks with what I now know are episodes of dissociation and derealization. I know I was experiencing the symptoms of it much longer before that but can't really pin point a start.

My childhood was very chaotic, abusive and full of abandonment and violence. I grew up around a lot of gangs and physical violence happening around me and lots of drug use happening as well. I personally struggle with other addiction issues also.

A year or so after being diagnosed I started doing EMDR and found a counselor where I used to live that was the best i've ever had. I've been in and out of counseling most of my adult life but this woman was the best. I often describe it as she had a key to locked doors that had been locked for 30 years. Through EMDR I saw symptom reduction from (on a scale of 1-10) about a 9/10 to as low as 1/2.

I moved about 3 years ago to a different state and have been more isolated, as have most because of Covid... but i've been noticing some increasing symptoms. I've gained a ton of weight, more frequent nightmares (although not nearly as much as Pre-EMDR), less sleep, etc.

Been trying to rely on the few friends and relationships I do have (married but no contact with my family) and my faith which has taken a HUGE hit over these last 8 years.

Anyways, that's me for now.... thanks for reading.
Welcome to the forum @snakedoctor ! I am sorry that you have the need for such a place but glad you have found this resource!

EMDR helped me more than I can describe! It helped me find my true self which was under layers and layers of trauma and sorrow.

I was able to “reframe” the death of my daughter and not let that grief destroy me for the rest of my life.

The articles available here shed light on much of what we have in common and help us navigate this battle named PTSD.

I pray that you will be blessed on your journey toward feeling better. It is possible!
nothing excacerbates my symptoms worse than isolation, whether by government mandate or psychotic disability. my symptoms skyrocketed with the maskite invasion and i have yet to get them back to pre-covid levels. now everybody is pretending it never happened and asking me to just mask it all.
Not open for further replies.