Childhood Tattoos and PTSD - Good or bad idea?


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I've always loved the idea of getting a tattoo(s), but part of me worries about the permanence. I would absolutely be very careful in picking out my tattoo artist and think for months before deciding on my tattoo, but I'm curious what other peoples' experiences have been. I'm scared mostly of the meaning for my tattoo changing as I learn more about my PTSD triggers/past/forgotten memories and negative association. For example, I like the idea of getting foliage/floral to honor my love for the outdoors since a child, but I guess I worry that that symbol will trigger negative association of my childhood. But I'd love to hear stories of you taking charge of your own memories and meanings and making your tattoos a positive experience! Please let me know what your experience has been.


I got a few tattoos during what I call 'the trauma years' , when I was drinking and drug taking to block things out. So teenager to early 20's.
Back then I couldn't give a flying fig about permanency and had no care about my body.
So the fact you are thinking about all these things shows you're thinking about it in a healthy way.

The thing about permanency and will something trigger you in the future: we can't predict the future. All you can do is examine the here and now and make a decision based on what you think is best and healthy and right for you now.

I'm in the process , in my 40's,of 'reclaiming' my body. Which means I got a couple of new tattoos and alsoam starting to get cover ups of some of the old ones. I'm not triggered by the old ones. But I have been emotionally detached from my body really. The fact I'm getting cover ups shows I don't want them anymore. I want the new me. New tattoos,showing change and rebirth and me now.
So, if in the future you don't like your tattoo anymore: you can always get a cover up or try and get it lazered off.

A friend recently said to me to have a screen saver of the tattoo design for a year before getting the tattoo. Could work?
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Hi Hot~tea, I have several tats, and they are all related to my healing journey and have specific meaning and stories behind them. I even have a plan for a tattoo when I'm further along in my healing.

I have one that says Warrior, and it's in a 'distressed' font. It's a little beat up, but still bold and strong. I have tats of stuff like that, that means something to me.

They are permanent, and you absolutely need to make sure that you love the tattoo you'll be getting. It shouldn't be something that you think looks good. It should be something that when you look at it, you just know it's exactly right, and you love it.