Teasel's Diary


Ah right, good good

Mix of laid back / wistful / quirky / folk / pop / classical / ballards / world music / hip hop / reggae, some acoustic guitars n piano n beautiful voices

This one I first heard on classic fm and noticed a profound relaxation and actually managed to remember it's title so I could find it.

Down by the Salley Gardens
Barrie Douglas
Sorry for delayed reply - haven't really been on much til today. That's a lovely piece of music. I haven't heard it before. Though, I have to admit, for me personally, when I need calming/soothing music, slow music feels almost unbearable to listen to. I'm currently blasting techno trance and letting it wash over me. For some reason, I find it calming! I think it's maybe the repetitive, hypnotic elements...

Sorry you're feeling shame today. I think I also understand some sense of 'wondering where you went.' Hoping this will pass for you soon.