Teddy Bears Anonymous

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There has been a few comments in the "What are you feeling today" thread about those of us who have teddy bears, and in my case use a hug pillow (for want of a teddy).

I thought that I would start a separate thread for those who would like to join this informal group for fun and support.

Why do I have a hug pillow? I use my hug pillow to self-soothe when I am distressed, and it helps me to weep quietly and settle myself down.
The title of this thread made me think of how I would bring one of my plush Pokémon toys to high school with me everyday. They would help me feel safe. I still have them.

Now I have some plushes that make me feel better. My boyfriend (I prefer to call him my partner) gave me a Blue Nosed Buddy plush Rabbit in December 2011 before he took me on holiday to meet his family for the first time. I love that Rabbit! I sleep with her when he's away at work in the morning, now she's dirty-not white anymore like when I first recieved her.
Thank you for starting this thread! I never outgrew my love of dolls and teddy bears. I remember my ex-husband giving me a hard time about my dolls - actually, it was shaming. He is history thank heavens.

Let me tell you a bit about Hairey - my favorite bear. He has traveled with me, slept with me, and watches over my desk. His fur has become a bit matted, but he's still soft and loveable.

My grandkids think Hairey is great - and they have no idea how much he means to me!
I have a stuffed lop eared purple rabbit. I never named him. I cannot sleep with him anymore because my dog will chew him up. I have a blue rabbit and a blue teddy bear. I used to have alot more but we moved and we did not have room for them. I miss sleeping with my rabbit. But my dog already chewed up his nose. I am very sad about that.
gizmo - that reminds me of a story about a favorite doll I had as a child. She is a rubber doll with glass eyes, and her name is Squeeky. (She is now 55 years old - which gives you an idea of how old I am).

We had a dog named Pixie, who chewed Squeeky's arm off, and my mother tried everything she could think of to put Squeeky's arm back on, but nothing worked.

I never ever stopped loving Squeeky, even though her arm is gone. I dragged her everywhere when I was a little girl. Squeeky now stands beside Hairey in my sewing room watching over my desk.
One of my Teddy bears hangs on my wall with my flag (he's red, white and blue), another is made of porcelain (the head and hands and feet), another has red white and blue stars on him and is a beany baby, another is a snuggly one in a red suit and another lays down on his tummy, he's a black bear with brown paws. I cannot say which is my fav, but I can say that I sleep with about 8 pillows! So there is really not enough room in my bed for all of my Teddy Bears! None the less, I do enjoy having them. The little porcelain one was a gift from my best friend, so he is kind of special.
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