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News Telemedicine (interapy) For Ptsd No Less Effective Than In-person Therapy

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Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who have difficulties making it to in-person therapy sessions may be able to get treatment that’s just as good by videoconference.

Researchers compared home-delivered prolonged exposure therapy - which helps patients confront memories and situations that trigger their symptoms - to the same treatment given in U.S. Veterans Affairs clinics, and found no difference in effectiveness.

“The best treatment for PTSD, with the most empirical support, can be delivered at no loss of effectiveness, directly into a veteran's home, rather than having the veteran come into clinic,” lead study author Ron Acierno told Reuters Health by email.

Telemedicine for PTSD no less effective than in-person therapy

A little shocked though at how slow America is at times. Link Removed has been tried, tested and proven around the world, especially European countries, with major success. It lessens the overall burden on clinics as it makes therapy easy to outsource to any therapist with an Internet connection.
In some areas I know they don't get the video counselling, and if someone in the area is a hopeless people go without because some medicare rule says you have to use the person close to your proximity.

I have lived rural and been remote - and there are many places that need to get access. The places that have professionals that (fly in and fly out on the same day) well people are just put on the neverending waiting lists. So on paper something is being done but nothing really is happening - people commit suicide whilst on the waiting lists.

What is happening is a drop in the bucket in my opinion, not based on research or anything - just talking to people and some professionals about the difficulties - you probably know a lot more than me. You go rural you either step up to the plate and do suicide prevention or you attend the funerals. It is a tough situation.

One of my friends that lives remote does get access via the Internet - but many people in those communities don't have access to the Internet. And in her community there are no professionals at all.
Very interesting stuff - it could really assist our rural and remote areas if we got this into play, an...
Totally, most people have internet, oh my gosh, just thinking that my nephews life could have been saved if he would have been able to connect to a good therapist online, oh my gosh.

I have long said that the internet will be the future when it comes to health.
Good to know. I've considered telemedicine because it seems to be cheaper sometimes. Finally found a therapist in my insurance but if it doesn't work out I may re-consider telemedicine.
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