I haven't dreamt a whole lot since my brother in law passed in October this past year so he passed just a few months ago.

He had cancer and I helped him as best as I could and then he went into hospice and passed a couple weeks after being there and I was there the night he passed and saw him after his passing.

Since then I haven't had any emotions or really any dreams I've had some but not as vivid as this one.

I woke up in a panic this morning my chest felt tight and I felt like I had been crying for hours even though I was sleeping.

In the dream I was in my house with my fiance sleeping and for some reason my brother in law was sleeping on our bed but I found out obviously in the dream that here wasn't alive in the dream I started hearing him talk but his eyes were closed I freaked out and jumped up and ran in fear.in the dream his wife came in the room and he kept talking saying weird things but I knew in the dream he wasn't alive.in the dream I sat next to him trying to not be afraid and then he got really angry and grabbed me and I screamed and begged for his sister to save me I was crying and running and he was just so angry.I jumped out of the window and that's when I woke up from the dream in a panic.

I actually feel terrified but also numb I even went as far as looking around because I was scared I was still in the dream.

I deal with dpdr so that doesn't help that I feel like I'm in a dream state anyways.

I feel completely numb and scared to go back to sleep.

What can I do?

Will I start having these dreams allot?


I don't think so. I'm no expert on anyone but me, but it seems your brother didn't die a traumatic death, so normal grieving might bring up nightmares.