The 2023 Christmas Hangout


So, how are you doing with your Christmas plans this year?

Our tree is packed this year. We don't normally do this much for Christmas, but this year the family is all getting together for a massive Christmas Day event. As such, we've had to buy way more presents than we normally would. We haven't gotten together with the entire family for a long time on Christmas Day. Other events, yes; but Christmas Day has tended to be more scattered with everything doing their own thing with their kids, grand kids, and so forth.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year. So what are you up to with Christmas? Big plans? Little plans? Going it alone this year?

We all tend to do unique and different things depending on our current stance and ability for holidays... variations in what is celebrated and when, so forth. What are your holidays going to contain this year?

doesn't really matter, honestly. I have said somewhere else in these pages that it is a date on a calendar for us (wife and myself) We are the parents that just don't put demands on any of our kids. They can stay home and start their own traditions with their own families, if the in laws have desires for a big gathering thats great, go and don't think we are left out. Stop by if you want any time as always and it can be for christmas if you want it to be or just come hang out. Bring the grandkids or face the wrath of the nanna, and invite us to all grade school christmas concerts, but no pressure for anything else. nothing. There will be gifts and a tree, and an organized on line gift exchange that my daughter on the other side of the continent sets up, but other than that, probably just another day. No drama, no tears. Merry nonpressure christmas to all!
Oh my! That looks such a fun room. Imagine the kids will love that @anthony .

I like Christmas. Haven't spent it with my birth family, save for one year, since I was 16, nearly 30 years. Which makes Christmas pleasant. I cherish the people I have chosen, and have chosen me, to be in each others lives.
Put my decorations up yesterday. Got some items shipped over from my other country so I can surprise my partner on Tuesday 5 December to celebrate St Nicholas (or Krampus actually!). Usually I go to my other country for new year but this year I can't face it because of how I feel about my family. It feels the right decision. But....I miss my other country. And there is sooooo much snow there this year and I just love all the snow, the mountains, the skiing etc etc etc. but, hopefully, there will always be another time.
I will be alone for it (like I have been the last 20 years or so). I'm not doing cards or gifts, because I never get any in return, and When I have made an effort with gifts, I have had it thrown back in my face. Nope, the only gifts I'll be buying are my own- no visit from the big man sadly. (Why do I still believe in him?. beyond me)

Dinner I am going to have a proper Christmas turkey with roast potatoes and pigs in a blanket, and I have also bought some red and gold Christmas crackers as well.

As for decorations, Well I have spent a few days this week dedicated to decorating. It has been minus 4 outside, so perfect to just stay in and get the tree ready. I have a white tree this year with blue lights, mistletoe, candycanes, chocolates, a christmas angel, and baubles- also I have various other deocrations like Christmas pictures, bells on the doors, etc. If I am being honest, it's a little over the top, but what can I say. I love decorating my home.

I've been listening to Christmas music since the end of Halloween, I have a cd of it, my alexa plays it, and I have a channel that does it as well so plenty of choice
I wrote out all the Christmas cards to send out from my grandparents and me this morning, while listening to some Christmas music. I'll have to go pick up some stamps before I send them out. Most of the shopping for gifts is done.

I've had the outside decorations up since Thanksgiving, but nothing is up inside except for a few little things in my bedroom. The plan is to make a day of putting the tree up on one of my cousin's days off.

I think I'll be getting together with most of my family on Christmas Day, but it's still early for us to make any solid plans about what time or what we're going to serve for dinner.

I’m usually the Christmas grinch. Over the last decade, I’ve spent the relevant days in hospital more often than not, and I have a string of painful trauma anniversaries that make it particularly difficult, not to mention a somewhat difficult relationship with my FOO, and some spicy triggers associated with all things biblical.

But this year has been good for me. Hard, but good. And I’m choosing to spend this year (1) not in hospital (remains to be seen if that’s a smart idea); (2) celebrating without meaning.

There’s some really great/awful cultural ‘meanings’ attached to the Christmas season that are difficult for me. Tossed them out the window. This year, for me, it will be about hanging out with some good food with people that I enjoy being with, some gifts for the people who are extra special (and SFA for those that aren’t!), followed by an extended period at a remote beach with my dog.

I’m even getting dressed up as a Christmas tree for the staff Christmas party!

We have a small tree set up in the lounge this year, which an achievement I think! So far, no PRN required… #doingthebestican
I've been listening to Christmas music since the end of Halloween
Yup! We started playing it around the start of November, randomly.
Love your tree!
A good apartment tree. Less room. Less mess. We also found it highlights the ornaments more than a focus on the right tree look. Great that it comes with built-in lights.
This year, for me, it will be about hanging out with some good food with people that I enjoy being with, some gifts for the people who are extra special
Nice. That's it IMO. Do something that suits, but be happy, enjoy some good company and food.

I think it was last Christmas... there was a single guy in our building that we knew, and knew he was alone on Christmas morning, so we invited him to our place for Christmas BBQ breakfast. We had an amazing morning. Good food and conversation.
I want to pick up a live tree so the house smells like pine. All the Christmas decorations are pretty much what the kids made, my own, my nephews and now my grandchildren. Open house on Christmas day so there is no rigid timeline and people can come and go as they please. One thing that is required is a picture. We got the Newfie puppies little stocking caps and the grand skids matching one. That is a picture I am looking forward to.
I really started to like Christmas once I had kids. Our tradition is to go out to my parents' house 4 hours west and stay over Christmas Eve and Christmas. My brother and his family usually come too, which makes it even better. My parents are excellent grandparents.

However, there's always the possibility that someone will get sick and we won't be able to go. That happened two years ago and I sunk into a deep, deep depression. I know I can't ever do that again, so I'm trying to figure out better ways to deal with it if it happens again.