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The "I Need A Hug" Thread

I need a hug today because my two stupid dogs killed a neighborhood stray cat in the back yard today.

She died in a little over an hour. It was very, very sad. Bear helped me bury her. I am VERY FRUSTRATED with the dogs. And Bear is upset, too. He had to just about pry our Bullmastiff's jaws open to release the kitty. Argh! They don't chase OUR cat. I guess they objected to strange cats "invading" our property.

(((Shellbell))) (((Jaret))) (((discarded))) (((angel2write))) (((Whitney)))

I need a hug. Really really bad. I'm really really scared. :bawling:

I have an appointment with my DSO on Thursday about my flashbacks. (My teacher had a weird "don't mess with me vibe" in class on Thursday, complete with a harsh tone of voice and a dirty look telling us to do an assignment right (It was like a joke I think.... nobody else reacted the way I did, I think they thought it was sort of funny...) ... I ended up crying told her not to hurt me... she came up to me and tried to rub my back and I screamed and hyperventilated... When I came to she wasn't there and that scared me. Thought I was in major trouble and that I did something bad.)

The uni called me, the prof set up a DSO appointment for me. I'm really scared I'm going to dissociate then too. It was like one of the worst things she could have done, and I'm worried that she's going to be there, which will make it worse.

Being in a school office is triggering to me. Whenever I was in the principal's office in middle school, I was always in trouble. :cry: Anyway I know that's long, but I'm rambling because I'm so scared.