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The Length Of Therapy

Discussion in 'Treatment & Therapy' started by piglet, Dec 16, 2006.

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  1. piglet

    piglet Well-Known Member

    I had quite a chat with my therapist this week on the subject of how long I may need to attend sessions. Instead of the "how long is a piece of string" answer I was expecting, my therapist said this:

    "You have your individual characteristics, like motivation to understand, heal and get in control of symptoms.You also have to think of it as a proportional thing. For example, the standard treatment for your basic car crash (no serious injuries, just very scary and car damage), is 12 sessions".

    Then came the thing that had me stunned:

    "For you, we have to thing in terms of a car crash about once a week for 20 years. It will take time. Not forever, but not soon either".

    My molehill just became a mountain.

    I have changed my goal to something I hope is more realistic. I hope to get my ptsd under control so that I can live before I die. Survival is all I can do right now, but I'm damn good at it, so there is hope!
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  3. nov_silence

    nov_silence Well-Known Member

    Your therapist used quite an analogy to illustrate the healing process. Very vivid... Makes you think about the process.

    I don't think you should wait to get your PTSD under controld to live life. Life is everyday regardless of where we are in our struggles.. how crappy we feel, the triggers that can bite from behind without warning... we still make the call about what we do with "it." Survival is living. Having hope is living. You meet your goal every day having that mindset.


    Big ups, piglet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Look forward to moving from surviving to thriving. Thriving is knowing how to maximize the good stuff, and practicing/honing skills in working through the hard stuff so you can be present and active in your life and living.

    I am excited for you. :)
  4. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Piglet, I am currently working with Dr Roerich in order to put together a trial for mental imagery, using participants from this forum. Exactly what you state above, mental imagery can reduce significantly. People will not be limited by location, though there are some criteria and essentials people must be willing to meet, though nothing that will taint results themselves, ie. must have a web cam to live stream an assessment, will not be a doctor patient relationship, must be in therapy and a few other things. This will occur next year, and when ready, a thread will be released asking for particpants. I think you should be one of them, especially considering as a trial this will be free to those lucky few who take part, opposed to normal psychiatrist fee's. The main thing will be that people must give the assessment to their therapist so that they can work through it, and that they must report on their initial assessment here and ongoing improvement / no improvement, you get the idea.

    I believe your healing time can be reduced a great deal. Saying that though, you and I also haven't gone toe to toe yet on your trauma, as with all the current issues within your life. I think you should be in this one Piglet, providing you are willing to meet the basic criteria that will be set.
  5. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    Hehe, can the good doc find therapists too? I can't see mine anymore because he won't work after 5 and I have to work all day. Pathetic.. The board and my meds is what I'm down too...

  6. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    Piglet, I understand this all too well. Mainly on my bad days. But I think we all feel this. But then we look at people like Anthony and see it is possible. You can do this.
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