The Pack Mentality

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Recently I inserted myself into a thread where members took a pack mentality against a member because they disagreed with them. So I disagreed to see what happened. The same result ensued. People formed a group. The same members have been giving similar responses in other threads, backing each other up.

I have never tolerated a pack mentality here. EVER. I have banned entire groups who thought they could "power to the people" me, any member, or this site. This time, maybe age and further experience, I have not taken a blunt approach to all involved, as I have in the past. One is banned, and others absolutely still on my possible list.

Let me be very clear. Meet people here. Make friends. Find people to support you. DO NOT form groups and back one another up against another member on this website. We are very clear about take what works for you and leave everything else alone. Because someone disagrees with you, regardless how much the topic is near and dear to your heart, let members express their opinion and leave it alone. If you have an issue with an opinion, your ONLY course of action is to report it for staff review.

Be an individual when posting. Share your opinion, your point, then STFU and DO NOT argue your opinion.

There were members who kept telling me there was a power dynamic. If you feel there is a power dynamic, its because you have created it in your head. Me, nor staff, run around here acting all powerful or on some power trip. Any power imbalance is what you are telling yourself, believing yourself. I put this down to some delicate sensitivity a person uniquely has. Them problem, not me problem. Yes, there is a hierarchy, most of life has one. When required, yes, I step in and poke around to see what pops out the other side. Yes, I am a very blunt instrument. Collectively, Staff can't visit homes and check whether a person is who they say, or what they say is true. I have limited methods available to me to find problems, and those are what I use. Like it or not. I have no issue if anyone wants to hate me. I have broad shoulders and little tolerance for certain nonsense. You can't hide from me behind sexual identity, religious beliefs, or anything else you think is untouchable. I don't care about those things. I don't care what you believe, your sexual orientation, skin colour, ethnicity, so forth. Everyone is just a person to me. I care about the overall effect on the community, and pack mentality is not welcome in my house.

I will put this very simply: this is my house. Every member and guest, is a guest in it. I have no issue with anyone being here, using it, hell, the door is wide open for responsible use. I am a pretty easy going person, until pissed off about something. People challenge me and staff all the time, with no issue. What I personally have no tolerance for, as experience has dictated many times to me, is a pack mentality gets worse with time. The group grows and believes they have more power. This is silly, childish thinking. I will take a sledge hammer to it near immediately nowadays.

DO NOT argue or gang up against any member, regardless the content type. You are not an opinion expert. Everyone is entitled to have their opinion. Opinions are neither right nor wrong, contrary to what some may think or further attempt to argue. They are opinions. Nobody has more right to an opinion on a subject than another. It's an opinion.

What some members did, attempt to gang up against me when I started poking the fire, was just insanity. One member had the brains to know something was up and stopped; they followed the very advice we provide time and again. Members literally proved my point by supporting one another, a group approach, each and every opinion I gave.

Trust me when I say, nobody is above being removed from my house for stupid behaviour. This is not Facebook or some platform social media site, where people say whatever they want to make themselves feel big, better, or other. This is a private, highly moderated, community you are within. Wipe your feet please, be respectful, enjoy and help yourself, but do not join a pack and take that to any thread here. I will ban anyone who does it, starting at the ring leaders and slowly watch everyone else and work my way through them as needed.
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